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Thoughts on Paris, France

November 16, 2015 3 comments


On a fall Saturday afternoon, my thoughts and attentions were focused on college football. My OSU Buckeyes were marching toward another undefeated season. In addition, it was separation Saturday in the Big 12, as their conference juggernauts continued to beat up on each other, looking to get into the playoffs through attrition. It was yet another big day in a season chocked full of big days in the NCAA. Then, after a few games, the reality of the day struck me like a huge, wet fish slap to the cheek: Paris was under attack from terrorist. Over a hundred people were already dead, and France was under martial law. It felt as if I was watching another terrorist cell movie based on a Tom Clancy novel. It was horrific.

Of course, reaction and retaliation was swift: France started bombing sites in Syria. Borders in many countries were closed. Mosques were shut down, pending investigations into their attendees. Security was beefed up for major events around the world. Paranoia has once again become prevalent, if indeed it has ever faded since 9/11. When and where does this end?

The basest and most animal parts of my brain screams “attack and protect”, as it does in the collective war hawk, lizard brain mentality. However, as history has shown, retaliation begets retaliation. Violence only spurs on more violence. How many people have to die before we actually figure that out? We need common sense solutions, not more dead innocents.

I’m not saying that everything getting done is wrong: Beefing up security at public events? Yes. Better security checks on refugees? Sure. Finding the rest of this terrorist cell, and bringing them to justice? Absolutely. However, bombing an already war torn country? Not a solution. Closing your borders? Borders were closed to Jewish refugees during WWII, and millions died. Closing Mosques? Not the answer.

I don’t know what the answer is: Unfortunately, I’m not that smart. Even if I did have the answer, no-one would listen to a part time pacifist blogger from East Jesus, Ky. I do know that killing more people, blowing up more shit, and restricting the practice of any religion is not the answer. Ask the families and friends of those killed on Saturday in France. Ask the families and friends of those who were bombed out of existence in civil war decimated Syria on Sunday.

I feel horrible this happened. I feel horrible for what is going to happen still. This isn’t over, not by a long shot. I don’t think that anyone in power wants it to be over. There is too much power and money to be had peddling fear and paranoia. You can take that much to the bank, if security will let you through.

Anders Breivik’s War on Multiculturalism

July 25, 2011 6 comments

In the aftermath of the horrific bombing and shootings in Oslo and Utoya, Norway, the pieces of the puzzle were swiftly put together. Like many of you, before the news of the capture of Anders Breivik, I conjectured that these disgusting actions were put into place by an Islamic terrorist group. It turns out that we were all wrong. These were the actions of a sociopathic, right wing extremist.

Anders Breivik is an excellent example of how extreme intolerance can breed hate and violence. He is a conservative Christian fundamentalist. He hates communists and Muslims. He considers himself a mercenary; a soldier in a war against Islam, Socialism, and immigration. His nationalism lead him down a zealous path of hatred and destruction that is paved with the dead bodies of innocent people, whose only crimes were those that Breivik perceived in his diseased, bigoted mind.

Breivik’s personal war on multiculturalism and liberal ideology is by no means unique nor is it an isolated incident. His tactics were tried and true; create a diversion, and go after the real targets; in this case, the children of the left wing Norwegian ruling elite, under the cover of the chaos created by the diversion. He followed a game plan put in place by many terrorists before him. If there were a hall of fame for domestic terrorism, Breivik would have a plaque right next to Timothy McVeigh.

As much as we want to deny it though, there is a little Anders Breivik in most of the global population. He can definitely be found bubbling near the surface of nearly every GOP presidential candidate, as well as far right legislators on state and national levels. While their weapons of rhetoric and prejudicial legislation may not be violent, they are certainly more effective in promoting the fear and hatred of entire cultures or religions that they do not fully understand. Meanwhile, right wing hate groups such as the KKK here in the U.S. or the neo-Nazis in Europe are not only staging comebacks, they’re growing stronger than ever.

History is pockmarked with racism and oppression,as well as fear and hatred of those cultures, religions, and races who are different from our own. Nationalism and persecution form perfect partners, particularly in times of economic crisis. Times get tough, and a scapegoat is needed. The objects of Breivik’s hatred are representative of the current global bias toward Islam and immigrants. His actions tell us that while multiculturalism may not be dead, as Angela Merkle has stated, it is and has been for some time, an entity that is on life support. The violence perpetrated by terrorists, both domestic and international, is a microcosm of the efforts from the far right to pull the plug, ending the tenuous grip of multiculturalism in our society .

Breivik is an extreme extension of the right wing group mentality; there is an ever growing resistance across the globe toward immigrants, Muslims in particular, and Nationalism is becoming as strong as ever. There is a concerted effort by conservatives in almost every country to close their borders, as well as their societies, in order to protect their own from those “damn foreigners.”

Breivik, and those who came before him, as well as those who come after, are symptoms of a greater disease; intolerance of those who are not like us. I would like to think that the cure is possible. I’m not very optimistic that there is one. Our human history of violence and oppression toward each other supports my pessimism.

Possible Terrorist Attack Guts Prime Minister’s HQ in Norway.

July 22, 2011 5 comments

A bomb went off today around 3:20 pm in Oslo Norway, virtually gutting the 20 floor building housing the Prime Minister’s headquarters. So far, 2 people are confirmed dead, and many more are injured. The Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenburg, was not injured.

While information is still sketchy amidst the ongoing chaos, initial reports suggest that the blast originated from the heliopad on the roof. There are also reports that another blast could have occurred on or beneath the ground floor. Damage is extensive, buildings covering a 1 kilometer radius have been affected. Several buildings surrounding the ministry are currently undergoing evacuation.

So, if this was a terrorist act, who the hell would want to bomb a building in Norway? One possible connection could be Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar as-Islam. Krekar, an Iraqi cleric is currently facing terrorism charges in Norway for threatening several Norwegian officials with death if he was deported.

Another possibility could be Muammar Qhadaffi; Norway has been heavily involved with the NATO bombings in Libya, and Qhadaffi has made several threats of retribution against anyone involved, including setting off bombs in several European cities.

I wouldn’t rule out Al-Qaeda either, they have attempted several acts of terrorism in Norway, in retaliation for the 2005 newspaper cartoons depicting Muhammad. Norway has also been labeled a specific terrorist target by Al-Qaeda, because of their involvement in Afghanistan through NATO.

Right now, there is a lot of chaos, and a lot of speculation as to the how, who, and why. There are also reports of possibly 2 more bombs in the area that haven’t exploded.

I bet Herman Cain has absolute field day with this one.

Osama Bin Laden Took Matters Into His Own Hand: Pornography Discovered At Compound.

May 15, 2011 13 comments
Bin laden

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Osama Bin Laden Porn Stash? Pornography Discovered At Compound: Report: Now we know how the team of Navy Seals found bin-Laden. All they had to do was follow the “boom, chicka wow wow” sounds of bad porn music coming from his compound. What kind of porn do you think Osama was yee-hading to? I really hope more details come out on this. Clips too. I want clips damn it! I want to know exactly what one of the biggest terrorist masterminds in all of history was stroking his AK-47 to. It’s my duty as a half-assed journalist to gather all the facts, review them several times, and bring you my findings. Mark my words, I will get to the bottom of this. Of course, the bottom is where I like it 😉

By the way, what do you suppose that white stuff in his beard really was? Just sayin.

Champion drops Mendenhall over bin Laden tweets – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

May 7, 2011 8 comments

Champion drops Mendenhall over bin Laden tweets – NFL – Yahoo! Sports.

Seriously Champion? I suppose it is your right to drop an athlete who doesn’t support your views, but it’s a pretty fucked up ideology if you ask me. It’s my right not to buy your merchandise. It’s also my right to tell you to go fuck yourselves, you fascist pricks.

Meet The Deathers

First Obama birthers, now Osama deathers. The body probably hasn’t even hit the ocean floor yet, and already the whack jobs are coming out of the wood work. The crazy, it never ends.

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Bin Laden is Dead. So Now What?

May 2, 2011 4 comments

After almost 10 years, a few trillion dollars, and thousands of soldier’s lives, America has found vengeance. Osama Bin Laden is dead.

In a scene straight out of a Tom Clancy novel, a group of our military elite worked its way into Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. During the firefight, Navy Seals quickly dispatched Bin Laden with a hail of bullets . Afterward, his body was swiftly buried at sea. Trial by jury was never an option.

What happens next? Does this change anything? For 10 years, Bin Laden was the primary face for terror. Hitler may have been the only figure in history who was hated more.

Hopefully, this will help bring some closure to the friends and families of those who were murdered on 9/11. I can only imagine the anger and sorrow these people have suffered while the search for some sense of justice has gone on for nearly 10 years.

I would hazard to guess that Obama all but virtually guaranteed his re-election in 2012. After all, Bin Laden was found and killed under his watch. 0bama would be crazy not to take full credit, much like Reagan did for ending the hostage crisis in Iran over 30 years ago.

I would think that our relationship with Pakistan is further strained; Bin Laden’s compound was discovered only half a mile from a Pakistani military academy. Either Pakistani intelligence is incompetent, or their government was complicit with Al-Qaeda all along! Either way, they are still not to be trusted.

Nothing will change abroad or here at home. Americans will cheer and thump our chests for a few weeks, but liberty stripping measures under the guise of homeland security will still be in effect.

Furthermore, Muslims will still fall under a suspicious eye, and continue to be feared or hated because of their beliefs and color of their skin.

Meanwhile, our military will keep on keeping on; just because Bin Laden is dead doesn’t mean that Al-Qaida is. In fact, I would bet that Bin Laden’s successor is already in place, and plotting revenge.

Am I bemoaning his death? No, not by a long shot. He was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people, he deserved what he got. I’m just, well, I kind of feel like I do when I finish an exciting action movie or book.

I think that I’m happy that justice was served, but left with the question of now what?

Is this a time of celebration? I’m not really sure. His death doesn’t really change anything. It doesn’t end terrorism, it doesn’t bring anyone back from the dead. Justice can be a bittersweet fruit to eat from in cases like this.

Instead of celebrating Bin Laden’s death, maybe we should be consoling the countless numbers of people who his actions affected. They have waited 10 years for vengeance, a vengeance that looked like it may never come. While they may appear to be happy and relieved, old wounds that may have never healed must be torn wide open. Today, more than ever, they need our thoughts and prayers.

Terrorism is still alive and well, as is fear and suspicion. Millions are still affected, not only by the actions of Al-Qaeda, but ours as well.

Bin Laden is dead, the evil created by fear and hatred of each other is not.

So now what?

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