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Advertisers Are Flushing Rush And Giving His Career a Swirly.


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Let’s see: So far we have 26 advertisers and 2 radio stations that have dumped Rush on his oxy saturated sexist ass. WHOOSH! You here that? WHOOSH! There it goes again! WHOOSH! It sounds to me like Rush’s broadcasting career is going down the toilet. Keep flushing, because a turd that big won’t go down easy. Maybe we should break it up with a toilet brush.


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And The Winner of Pick Your Topic Tuesday Is:

Talk and Politics with the topic ” my favorite historical event.”  I’m a third year history major, so I just had to pick this one. I have a lot of historical events that I love to talk about, so I’m really going to have to think long and hard about this one! Don’t worry though (as if you were); I will have a bright and shiny new post no later than Friday, complete with all the BTTFH trimmings. As part of winning this week’s contest, Talk and Politics will be featured in the post, complete with his blog information.

My thanks to everyone who posted a suggestion this week. They were all wonderful suggestions! Keep them coming folks!