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Go Go Godzilla! Tepco Dumps 11,500 Tons of Radioactive Waste Water Into The Ocean.

”]Cover of "Godzilla [Blu-ray]"

  To date, TEPCO has dumped 11,500 tons of radioactive waste water into the ocean.  TEPCO, as most of you may know, is the Japanese company that is responsible for building and operating the numerous power plants in Japan, including Fukushima. In fact, there are probably more nuclear power plants in Japan then there are Wal-Greens in the U.S.

While there are many debates as to whether or not this practice is safe, or even a violation of international law. A bigger question remains in my mind; when will Godzilla appear? While there is scientific debate on how all this radiation is going to affect our environment, as well as the health risks to our population (trust me, radiation is baaaad!), there is going to unquestionably be genetic mutations in the plant and animal life living in the ocean around the dumping site. This brings me back to the Godzilla question.

We all remember the Godzilla movies and the bad ass lizard’s history: The premise was that a Hydrogen explosion in Japan’s waters created the mutant reptile, and he came ashore to wreak havoc on Japan. Later in the sequels, he became BFF with the people of Japan, and robustly defended the nation from such baddies as Mothra, The Thing, and Monster Zero. Much later he became pissed off again and went after New York City, as well as Matthew Broderick.

So when is it going to happen? When is the giant thunder lizard going to return and show his displeasure? If TEPCO keeps dumping radioactive waste water into the ocean unfettered, I’m betting we see him sooner than later.  You think Glenn Beck brings the crazy? Wait until you get a load of GODZILLA!

Gone Protesting

Protect Women's Health solo

Image by ProgressOhio via Flickr

It’s going to be a busy day for my partner and I. We’re heading back to Columbus to march in the protest against the proposed de-funding of Planned Parenthood, and then we will be joining the protesters against SB5. I’ll be taking the trusty camcorder to get some  pictures and footage of both rallies. Hopefully I’ll get more shots of the action and less shots of my feet. I really need to take a photography class!

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