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America the Pacified (via Carving Out a Voice)

As most of you may know, I tend to write a little on the angry side 😉 I also love to read other works that lean to anger and outrage as well. My partner Michelle tends to write angry in her poetry (which I love by the way), and she does it better than anyone I know.

Without further adieu, I share with you America the Pacified.

By Michelle Beltano Curtis

Made dumb by reality television
numb by nightly news,
interpreting everything in a lens
of red, white and blue.
A contest of who killed who,
focusing only on minutiae,
views askance, never mind truth;
what’s not reported when focusing
on the robber down the street
or the prize awarded some pale boy
for doing what he already should?

Sheep for the slaughter
enthralled by credit cards.
Buy another cardigan to trash
long before the bill is gone.
America on credit, from the white house
to the white houses with their lying
little picket fences in assembly line
neighborhoods, SUV parked
beside a carcinogenic lawn
while the world chokes to death
on fossil fuels.

‘Cuz in America, we say fuck Mother Nature,
the only world we have to survive upon,
hoping for science fiction miracles.
We’ve lost the delineation
between fantasy and fact.
It’s all sponsored by Koch Industries
and the controlling one percent.

And while we’re at it fuck the future
of our children and exploit your mother, too.
Money is more enticing. Buying
more important than surviving.
And if that’s not enough,
chug down a brew, pick up a gram
of your favorite rescue compliments
of the Mexican mob we spend billions
of dollars on but can’t seem to dislodge.
It keeps us numb, the ninety-nine
percent left struggling along.

It’s only a needle. People do it
every day, because we’re
Americans, home of the privileged few,
the remainder broken and decayed.
But nobody cares, so long as they
don’t take the X-boxes, cell phones;
all our favorite drugs, away.

© 2011. All rights reserved. Reprint with permission of the author only.

via Carving Out a Voice

I Won a Major Award!

It’s not quite as cool as a leg lamp, but it’s still an awesome acknowledgement! On Tuesday, my good friends at Spread Information awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. The timing of it was amazing; I was sloughing through what was a pretty crappy day, when I happened to check my e-mail and come across Madeline’s post. The award and kind words helped me manage to turn my day around. Thanks so much Spread Information!

Since I’m still fairly new to Word Press, I wasn’t familiar with the Versatile Blogger Award, so I did a little research. There are three such awards that are passed to bloggers in the Word Press community in a pay it forward type fashion. The three awards are the previously mentioned Versatile Blogger, as well as the Stylish Blogger and the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger awards. Once you receive one of these awards, you’re supposed to do the following:

  • Acknowledge and thank the blogger who gave it to you
  • Name 7 things about yourself that is not widely known
  • Name somewhere between 5 to 15 other blogs (I couldn’t find a definite number in my research) that you would like to share the award with.
  • Contact the bloggers you are sharing your award with via e-mail.

Deservedly so, Spread Information won all three awards at once! As for 7 little known things about myself, well, let’s see what I can come with:

  • I’m terrified of bees and wasps. If one even gets remotely near me, I will scream like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert! I find it morally offensive that Mother Nature would create creatures that can fly, sting, and or bite.
  • When it comes to useless information, I’m an idiot savant. Remember Cliff Claven from Cheers? I make him look like a rank amateur when it comes to remembering trivial brick a brack. At least once during the course of the day, I will have to field the question “ How do you know that shit?”
  • I’ve lost 100 pounds: Twice. The second time I lost the weight, I’ve managed to keep it off for the last three years 🙂
  • I can’t read a simple set of directions. I’m more of an auditory learner. When my partner and I tackle a project together, I need her to explain the procedures to me while I work. If I have to read the directions, it will never get done right!
  • I’m a transportation manager for a whole sale meat distributor.  Yet I hate trucks, and I eat very little meat. I loathe tractor trailers because they are 80,000 pound, carbon emitting, road clogging, lethal missiles. Hopefully, I can get out of this business soon and transition to teaching history once I get my degree.
  • I butter my bread on both sides. Both my partner and I are Bisexual, although we like to think of ourselves as queer. The rocking part of this is that we share the same tastes in men and women 😉
  • I was a 300 pound lineman before 300 pound linemen were cool. Back in the early eighties when I was playing high school football, I topped out at 305 pounds. Back then there were hardly any 300 pound football players in the NFL, let alone high school. I drew interest from every major college football program in the country, including my dream school, THE Ohio State University. Unfortunately, I blew out my ankle and knee during my senior year, and the interest dried up 😦

So now that you know a little more about me, it’s time to share my Versatile Blogger Award with some of my favorite blogs. And the winners are:

  • Kansas Mediocrity. I love what Tracy does with his blog. He contributes relative commentary on politics and current events, as well as providing some really cool information on historical events involving his home state of Kansas. I look forward to finding new posts from him in my inbox on a daily basis.
  • A Frank Angle. Frank’s posts are also a daily must read for me. His well written and thought provoking blog covers a gambit of topics ranging from A to Z.
  • Tom Huff’s Blog. Tom and I don’t always see eye to eye in the political arena, but we usually find a common ground to agree upon. His daily Snapple Facts are right up my alley. 🙂
  • Whatever Works. One of the first blogs I started reading when I joined Word Press. Moe does a great job with her blog, and it’s reflected by the amount of interaction on any one of her posts on any given day. She’s witty, intelligent, and I love her Friday Oldies!
  • John Wylam’s Blog. John’s blog is what my blog aspires to be. John is an excellent writer with a keen eye for analyzing political and social issues. On any given day you can find posts on John’s blog that can range from an excellent excoriation of Michele Bachmann, to coverage of one of his favorite sports, NASCAR. If you haven’t treated yourself to his blog, please do so soon!
  • I Want Ice Water. This blog is a diamond in the rough that I have come across fairly recently. IzaakMak is a virtual picture of versatility; he writes about anything and everything, and is a pleasure to read.
  • The Fifth Column. Kay is liberal and outrageously funny. What’s not to love?
  • Spinny Liberal. Another blogger after my own heart. Spinny attacks political and social issues with a humor and voracity that makes my blog seem downright droll.
  • WriteChic Press. All I can say is wow. Just. Wow. My meager blog bows to her presence. 😉

As a side note, I also want to thank my partner over at Carving Out a Voice. She is my muse, as well as my mentor. Our writing styles may be different, but she provided me with the foundation of writing skills on which to build upon. In addition she patiently listens to me blather on about subjects I’ve written about, as well as subjects I’m thinking of for future posts 🙂 I love you gorgeous!

So there you have it folks: A little about me, and  a little about the blogs that I have come to cherish. Hopefully, I’ve made somebody’s day by sharing the Versatile Blogger Award; my friends at Spread Information sure made my day, possibly my week!

Pick Your Topic Tuesday

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Every Tuesday morning, I will open up the floor to suggestions for a topic that you would like me to talk about. Submit your suggestion in the comments section after my Tuesday morning prompt post. I pick one of the topics submitted, and deliver a minimum 300 word post no later than Friday, with all the Tin Foil trimmings.

Here’s the criteria: no topic is taboo, however there are no guarantees how I treat the topic. I will research and form my own opinion, and write about it in my own special way 😉 Please be as specific as you can with the topic, if you submit something broad like “religion” for example, I just may go down a rabbit hole that you would not expect.

I will announce the winning topic no later than Wednesday night. The person who suggests the winning topic for the week will get full credit in the post featuring the topic . If you’re a blogger, I will make sure I include your blog site info. Plus the winner will receive total consciousness, so there is that.


The Winner of Pick Your Topic Tuesday Is:

Before I announce the winner of “Pick Your Topic Tuesday”, I want to thank everyone who submitted a topic for me to choose from. The topics this week ranged from Environmental to Education to Irreverent. They were all great topics to choose from, but like Russian Roulette, there can be only one winner. Soooo, this weeks winner is; Carving Out a Voice. The topic she suggested is how the over consumption of meat affects our environment. As some of you may know, environmental issues are very important to me, and believe it or not, our massive consumption of meat does have a tremendous impact on Mother Nature. However, I will admit that  the topic of supersonic kangaroos submitted by A Frank Angle ran a close second, and may very well be something I explore in the near future 🙂

So as the winner of my first weekly contest of Pick Your Topic Tuesday, what does Carving Out a Voice win? Tell em Johnny: A BRAND NEW CAR!

Well not really, but what you will get is a shiny new blog post on your topic from yours truly, with all the bells and whistles that come with it. And as if thaaats not enough, you will get full credit in the post, complete with your blog site info 🙂

Thanks again for submitting; hopefully I’ll see you again for next week’s “Pick Your Topic Tuesday”!

We’re Still Here! Update on The Ohio River.

Its day seven of flood watch here in Boehnerville and we’re still hanging in there at the house. The  Ohio has overflown it’s banks and has risen to 53.75 feet. There is plenty more rain and maybe some snow in the forecast, so we may have to clear out sometime over the weekend. My partner is planning on grabbing the camera today and getting some pics, so I may have some images to share later this evening. There were plenty of gawkers and thrill seekers driving around the neighborhood last night to see what happens when Mother Nature decides to get pissed off. At some point in the evening we heard what sounded like a cannon go off last night, but we have no clue what it was.We joined the neighbors outside to investigate but couldn’t see a damn thing because of the rain and fog. I asked a long time resident when we should run like hell, and she responded with “At 65 feet your house is toast.”  I hate soggy toast. Stay tuned!