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Paul Ryan: Hipster Doofus?


Or doofus hipster? Either way, we know what your tax plan is. You’re going to raise taxes on the middle class, and cut taxes for yourselves and all of your rich cronies. It’s the same tax plan that Reagan and the two Bushes used, and it doesn’t work (except for all the rich folk).

Sorry junior; you and Daddy Warbucks are not a good fit for this country!

My Thoughts On This Week’s RNC

The GOP platform is a farce, the nomination procedure was a farce (just ask Ron Paul supporters). The entire convention has been one giant anti-women, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-poor and middle class farce. All the convention has managed to do so far is show the world just how much of a fractured, dysfunctional, and hateful party the GOP is. All I can say is:


A Moment of Maher


Bill Maher makes a great point here: why is it that a great deal of the middle class, as well as quite a few of the poor support the party looking to do the most harm to them? The Republican party is now out to regulate every aspect of our lives, while looking to deregulate big business in order to line their already enormous pockets with even more money. They want to inflict their egregious moral views on the country while they pick our pockets yet again. Why would anyone other than a rich white male support them?

Then answer is fear. Make the average American afraid of everyone and everything. Immigration? They’re out to take your jobs! LGBT rights? They’ll destroy our good old fashioned American values! Abortion? It’s murder! Muslims? They are out to kill or convert all the Christians! I could list more, but you get my point.

The Republican strategy is to spread fear and hate, while leading many of us to believe that our great, rich benefactors will protect us, and our American way of life. In other words they are spreading a layer of bullshit thick enough to grow corn in! That’s why the GOP is so afraid of education: the more educated the population becomes, the more likely the GOP will be seen as nothing more than a pack of very dangerous scam artists.

They want to keep us uneducated, afraid of each other, and in competition with each other. Divide and conquer with their disgusting lies and half truths, that’s the centuries old tried and true strategy of the conservative financial elites.

That’s how it works Bill: But you knew that didn’t you?

From Carving Out a Voice: Why You Should Care About the Rights of State Workers

Beneath The Tin Foil Hat was not the only blogger in attendance yesterday: Carving Out a Voice was there as well. Here are her thoughts on the events from Tuesday, as well as some in depth analysis of exactly what our people are up against.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this is about the budget or that it’s not your fight. It is the fight of the middle class, the poor, women and children, minorities and people of same sex orientation. The Republicans are out to destroy us all! Carving Out a Voice  also provides links to progressive organizations that need your help bringing Republican thuggary to an end.

Why You Should Care About the Rights of State Workers.