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Five Men Arrested In Ohio For Trying To Blow Up A Bridge With Fake Explosives.

May 1, 2012 5 comments

Ohio (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

5 men who claim to be Anarchists were arrested late Monday afternoon, for attempting to blow up the route 82 bridge, just south of Cleveland Ohio. The explosives that they bought to blow up the bridge were fake, so I imagine they would have had a tough time with that endeavor if they had not been caught.

Dudes, you’re giving the rest of us Anarchists a bad name. Besides, isn’t it Governor Kasich’s responsibility to wreck shit in Ohio?

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Hit By a Natural Disaster? Don’t Ask Ron Paul For Help.

March 6, 2012 12 comments
Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

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Ron Paul has some twisted values. During his appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Paul had this to say when questioned about sending federal aid to the tornado battered south and midwest:

“Federal money is just what they steal from the states and steal from you and me.”

The crazy little man further added:

“The people who live in tornado alley, just as I live in hurricane alley, they should have insurance,”

I wonder if Paul realizes that not everyone has the kind of money that he has to buy decent homeowners or renters insurance? Many of the communities that were devastated by last week’s storms are close to where I live; they are mostly small rural towns, and very financially depressed areas. I seriously doubt that any one of these ravaged towns has the kind of money to just pick themselves up, and dust themselves off.

Furthermore, the states sure as hell don’t have the money to help: Their conservative leaders are busy spending the money on important job creating issues, such as fighting immigration, abortion, and same sex marriage. That leaves these strickened areas to depend upon much needed federal aid, unless your Governor John Kasich. Apparently Ohio has enough money of it’s own, because Kasich turned down federal aid when it was offered.

Politicians like Paul and Kasich are so worried about state’s rights and spending, that they would rather see regions devastated by natural disasters wither and die than accept federal aid. Where’s the logic in that?

One more thing: does anyone find it a little odd that Homeland Security is handling the catastrophes in Indiana? I’m just sayin’

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Jim Crow Makes a Come Back: Disenfranchisement Comes to Ohio.

March 29, 2011 10 comments
Republican Party (United States)

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When the public grows tired of unpopular bills and the lawmakers that pass them, we either vote down the bill through referendum, and/or remove the law makers, right? Well, think again. 

Here in Ohio, the Republicans have delivered a one-two punch in their efforts to eliminate the two party system, and do away with that pesky Democracy. Not only have they attacked collective bargaining under the guise of a “deficit emergency,” they have also bum rushed a bill titled HB 159, which requires voters to show a state issued ID, military ID, or a U.S. passport in order to vote. The two movements are used in tandem under Republican Governors in order to ensure that  they pass can their corrupt bills with impunity. Furthermore, there are currently 21 other states either considering a similar bill, or in the process of passing it through their Republican dominated state legislatures. 

Rep. Bob Mecklenburg claims “the bill is necessary to combat voter fraud and the perception of fraud.” When asked to provide actual proof of voter fraud in Ohio, he channeled his best Donald Rumsfeld in declaring that “I believe it happens,” and “It’s impossible to prove a negative.”  Huh? 

The conservative pursuit if voter fraud is a ruse, nothing more. In the last 8 years of voting in Ohio, there were a total of 4 instances of voter fraud out of 9,078,728 cases, a whopping 0.00004%. My bullshit detector is running rampant! 

HB159 is a new version of the Jim Crow polling tax. Its purpose is to exclude nearly 900,000 Ohioans from voting, the majority of which are the elderly, disabled, low-income voters, students, and minorities. With the exception of the elderly, a majority of these people historically vote Democratic. Hmmmm, is anyone else making the connection here? 

Furthermore, this boonswaggle of a bill is going to cost Ohio somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million dollars to implement. That’s some great budget repair Governor Kasich. 

This bill is not about voter fraud; it’s about disenfranchisement. Eliminate a great portion of the Democrats voter base, eliminate the Democratic Party. It’s that simple. It’s elitist discrimination at its best, and a brilliant strategy to keep the poor and middle class under the heels of the conservative jack boots. 

Once the Republican Party establishes their dream of a fascist, closed society, this is what we can look forward to; a country where we have no voice. We can look forward to a country where the government becomes firmly entrenched in a woman’s ovaries. We can look forward to a nation where if you aren’t a heterosexual white male between 21 and 65, with an income that reaches well into 6 figures, you don’t count. 

I can’t wait until the Republicans change our national motto to “In Koch we trust.”

Governor John Kasich is BFF With The Wealthy.

March 18, 2011 5 comments
Ron Young with John Kasich

Image by OhioHouseGOP via Flickr

  Governor John Kasich is cutting the budget in Ohio by $1.2 billion. His cuts to education alone would equal over 6% the first year and over 4% the second year of that budget. The two year decrease in funding to public education will probably mean a loss of  at least 7000 teaching jobs. When you couple that with the fact that public school teachers have lost their right to collectively bargain, who in the hell is going to want to teach public school in Ohio? Nice move Kasich, do your daughters go to public school? No? I didn’t think so. 

Kasich is also planning on selling 5 prisons in Ohio. The last time this experiment was undertaken by then Gov Voinovich, it didn’t go so well: In 14 months of operation, the Northeast Ohio Correction Center in Youngstown­, Ohio experience­d 13 stabbings, 2 murders and 6 escaped inmates. In reference to the Youngstown facility, Peter Davis, director of the Ohio Correction­al Institutio­n Inspection Committee said, “There is nothing in Ohio’s history like the violence at that prison.”16 Reviews of the correction­al facility determined that the problems occurred due to inadequate­ly trained staff and the improper acceptance of maximum-se­curity offenders to the medium-sec­urity facility. Does this sound like a good plan to you? By turning over 5 prisons to a private firm, state employees are subject to losing their jobs and will be forced to turn to unemployment, thus putting a greater burden on the Ohio Budget.  Oh, and there’s that small matter of using law enforcement man hours trying to track down all those pesky prisoners who manage to escape under the watchful eye of an inadequate private security corporation. How does that make sense?  Does this private security firm contribute to your campaign war chest?

Kasich is also cutting funding to local governments by an estimated 33%. These cuts are going to force county and city governments to lay off workers and raise local taxes in order to fund the most necessary of services such as police and fire departments. Again, how does putting people out of work help the economy? It doesn’t. 

Meanwhile he is cutting taxes for corporations and millionaires to the tune of $1.8 billion. In order to close a budget shortfall? That’s some good Republican math for you Gov Kasich. 

Along with these drastic budget cuts that will most likely cripple the Ohio economy for years to come, Kasich  has managed to launch a renewed attack on same sex partners by sneaking in wording on his SB5 bill that declares marriage as “one man, one woman,” and will eliminate benefits to the same sex partners of state employees. Kasich is following the radical conservative game plan, much like Scott Walker, and pissing off a hell of a lot of people in the meantime. He has managed to declare war on women, the poor and middle class, unions, teachers, the police, the fire department, local government, same sex partners, etc. etc. 

Guess what Gov Ass Hat; I see a recall in your future.

My Response to Republicans Over SB5? F*ck You!

March 3, 2011 6 comments

The bill SB5 passed in Ohio by a 17-16 vote yesterday, and all I can think is fuck you Republicans. Fuck you for going against popular opinion. Fuck you for trying to sneak in wording that would eliminate benefits for same sex partners on this bill. Fuck you for trying to make this about the budget, instead of your own nefarious agendas to accumulate more wealth and power. Fuck you for not caring about the poor and middle class, the backbone of this country. Fuck you for not giving a shit about women, and trying to control their bodies. Fuck you for claiming that abortion is murder, yet secretly cheer when another abortion doctor is killed. Fuck you for demanding that every child be born regardless of the price the mother may have to pay, and then ignore the child when it’s born.

Fuck you for not allowing same sex partners all the rights and privilege that heterosexual couples enjoy on a federal level. Fuck you for attempting to eliminate Planned Parenthood, Wic, the EPA, and other vital agencies while giving yet more tax breaks to billion dollar corporations. Fuck you for taking up permanent residence in the Koch Brothers back pockets. Fuck you for inflicting Nixon, Reagan, and Bush upon us. Fuck you for bitching about high taxes, huge government, and an unmanageable national debt, than turning around and raising all three. Fuck you for claiming it’s about jobs, then ignoring the unemployed when you’re elected. Fuck you for doing everything you can to make our country a fascist, one party nation. Fuck you for the lies that you spread about Barack Obama. Fuck you for giving birth to the Tea Party. Fuck you for enabling Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. Fuck you for Faux News. Fuck you for not putting a muzzle on Fred Phelps and the other crazy fuckers who preach hate and intolerance. Fuck you for Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, John Kasich, etc, etc, etc. Fuck you John Boehner for being the uncaring prick that you are. Fuck you for every other transgression that I left out. Fuck you, Fuck you, and Fuck you.

I’m sorry that this post isn’t as eloquent as what you’re used to. It’s hard to be a wordsmith when all I feel right now is rage.

Images of Democracy in Action: More Pictures of the Fight Against SB5

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

As many of you may know, my partner and I rode up to Columbus this past Tuesday to witness and participate in the fight to ban Ohio Senate Bill 5. If passed this bill will effectively eliminate state employees rights to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. While we were there protesting I managed to get several pictures of the demonstration as well as some video. Since I seem to have a penchant to record my own feet in many of the clips, my partner was kind enough to edit them and post the highlights here on You Tube. If anyone is interested in viewing the many still images we captured, the pictures can be viewed here on Flickr.

I don’t claim to be the world’s best photographer, or even a good one. However I think you’ll come across some inspiring pictures of an inspired crowd. These images are Democracy in action. There were over 10,000 people braving 20 degree weather as well as an indifferent tyrant in the form of Governor Kasich, to collectively use their right to free speech. I can not express enough how honored I was to be part of the process. We will be back in Columbus on Saturday to join the march to protest the proposed annihilation of Planned Parenthood by the Rekochlican party. Afterward we plan on trekking back to the state house to join in with the protesters against SB5. Hopefully it will be another wonderful turn out. Our voices do matter people: It has been reported in many media outlets that many Republicans are hedging their bets on their attack against labor. Keep up the good work everyone! This week is one of those moments when I am truly proud to be an American. Those moments have been few and far between over the last decade.

Patriots Act:Thousands Unite in Columbus to Protest Senate Bill 5.

February 23, 2011 3 comments

10,000 patriots showed up in Columbus Ohio on Tuesday to fight the tyranny of evil. Our weapon was more powerful than any gun made; our weapon of choice was our voices. Some were allowed inside the state building to fight, most were strategically locked outside in 20 degree weather. I called Gov. Kasich’s office to find out why we were locked out of our own building, but couldn’t get a straight answer.We kept warm with the solidarity of our vehement opposition to an egregious attempt to strip state workers of their right to collective bargaining.  There were teachers and students,  firefighters and police, teamsters and steel workers. There were drivers blaring their horns in their cars as they drove by.

We screamed, we chanted, we sang. We listened as former Governor Ted Strickland stood before us and lambasted current Governor John Kasich and the Republican Party for their hatred of the working class, as well as their love of corporate money. A college student spoke, angry about the fact that he was going into heavy debt to get his education, and that he may not get what he paid for if teachers are stripped of their rights and respect.  

Senate Bill 5 is currently undergoing hearings in the capital and awaiting a vote. The bill’s main purpose is to bust the union for state employees. The bill will effectively strip them of their right to collectively bargain. If that right is taken away, state employees will be essentially be at the mercy of state government. Once that union is busted, private unions will certainly be next. What’s the reasoning? Why it’s a state budget emergency of course. I call bullshit. It’s nothing more than another attempt of the Rethuglicans to step a little harder on the necks of the poor and middle class. The Republicans are trying to eliminate the Democrats power base by taking away the unions who contribute to Demcoratic campaigns. Republicans are also passing measures to  make it harder to register new voters. A majority of new voters registered  traditionally vote Democrat. It is a conservative priority to make our country one nation under the Koch brothers.

Ohioans, just like the thousands in Wisconsin and Indiana, are not going to stand for this. We aren’t the only states to deliver this message. Protesters are gathering in state capitals across the country to stand in solidarity with us, and to tell their lawmakers that they will not tolerate this injustice. The message is clear: Republicans can try to force feed us their nefarious agendas, but we the people are not going to swallow. We are going to spit it back in your ugly greedy faces, and when the time comes to speak with our votes, your asses are gone. It was an honor and a privilege to stand on the steps of the state building and be a part of democracy in action. In the next few days you can bet the number of people fighting here will grow by the tens of thousands, just like in Madison. You can bet your ass that my partner and I will be there again to take part and bear witness to this glorious revolution.