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Superstorm Sandy: Cuomo Calls it as He Sees it.


As the East Coast struggles to recover from Superstorm Sandy, many of us can’t help but think that storms such as this are going to be the new normal. Global warming/climate change is very real, and yet, with only a few days left before the election, neither candidate is willing to address it. Governor Cuomo recognizes this catastrophe for what it is: how many more “superstorms” is the world going to have to recover from, before our “leaders” decide that real change in the way we treat our planet is desperately needed? I’m betting that it will be past the point of no return, and we’ll all be seriously fucked. Hell, it’s probably too late already.

A Real Ice Breaker: The Military is Preparing For The Effects of Global Warming in The Arctic Circle.

This image shows the Arctic as observed by the...

This image shows the Arctic as observed by the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS (AMSR-E) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite on September 16, 2007. The image shows a record sea ice minimum in the Arctic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the debate over global warming in political, economic, and scientific circles rages on, there is one rather sizable faction that is convinced that climate change is a certainty: The military. As the polar ice cap continues to melt, military exercises involving many arctic circle countries are already taking place. Just last month, Norway conducted one of the largest military exercises ever, involving 16,300 troops from 14 countries. This exercise, named “Exercise Cold Response,” was used for training in everything ranging from extreme cold weather warfare to fighting terrorism. Two months ago, the U.S, Canada, and Denmark held similar exercises. In addition, military leaders of the U.S, Canada, Russia, Iceland,Denmark, Sweden, and Finland will be meeting in May to discuss potential security issues in the Arctic region.

So why, in the face of the rapidly melting ice cap, is security an issue? Why else? Oil and natural gas. It is estimated that 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil, and 30% of the world’s untapped natural gas lies beneath all that melting ice. As shipping lanes open in the great white north, the exploitation of its resources will not be far behind. KA-CHING!

This is why the energy companies are trying to dispute global warming; they know damn good and well that there are a plethora of natural resources underneath all that ice. It’s in their best economic interest to continue to destroy the planet. The collective military powers around the arctic circle understand this, and are rapidly preparing for oil wars that will most certainly ensue in the decades to come.

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How’s The Weather? Not So Good!

As we all know, 2010-2011 has seen some of the most severe weather in centuries. Climate Progress gives a recap of the mayhem, as well as some insight for 2012. As you read the article, make sure you check out the related links. They provide some very sobering articles.

If you don’t want to read the article at Climate Progress, here’s some of the low lights:

This April was the 4th warmest on record, in spite of the cooling effects of La-Nina.

Record droughts are hitting Texas, Alberta Canada, and Central China, causing wildfires, shortages in drinking water, and wreaking havoc on agriculture. In the case of China, almost 1,400 reservoirs have dried up, as well as large portions of the Yangtze River.

In other areas of the world, massive flooding is the worst it’s been in over 300 years. 11 straight months of rainfall has devastated Columbia, South America, displacing over 3 million people. Flooding in Manitoba, Canada has caused 1 billion dollars in damages, while the flooding of the Mississippi and its tributaries is still laying waste to the South and Midwest.

The prediction for 2012 is more dire: With El-Nino expected to be in top form, average global temperatures are expected to climb even higher, with an increase of water vapor by 4% due to evaporation, the highest rate ever! This increase in water vapor will create even more instability in our atmosphere, leading to more severe flooding in some areas, and drought in others.

Of course, Global Warming and Climate Change is not a problem. We should probably go out and burn some more carbon emitting fossil fuels. Maybe we ought to light up a few nukes while we’re at it, just in case our road to environmental destruction isn’t fast enough.

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Why Are Geese Circling my House Like Vultures?

The 130 year old house that we rent in Boehnerville Ohio is a little more than 2 football fields from the Ohio River. Over the past two weeks this region has been hit fairly hard with substantial amounts of rain. So much so that I’m starting to feel like Mel Gibson in his 1984 movie The River. The river is just starting to hit the top of its bank in our neighborhood and the marina at the end of our block is nearly under water. I don’t want to say that things are getting to the panic stage yet, but this morning I noticed that the groundhog that lives in our back yard was wearing swimming trunks and carrying an inner tube. Our cats are currently polishing their boogie boards.

If this rain keeps up, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow to see a coal barge in my front yard. The forecast for the next few days calls for clear skies, but the rain is supposed to pick up again in the middle of the week. Some sections of the Little Miami and Ohio rivers have already overflowed their banks, and I’ve witnessed flocks of geese happily playing in a huge lake that was once a soccer field, which lies only 50 feet from the main road that goes through our neighborhood on the way to the highway.

While Boehnerville is a river town and has a history of flooding, you can bet your ass that the Ohio overflowing its banks is going to become a regular occurrence. Global Warming is a serious problem whether some want to accept it or not. With global warming comes copious amounts of precipitation. We’ve already seen the havoc global warming has caused this year from the tragic floods in Australia and South America, the blizzard like conditions throughout most of the Midwest and Northeast, and now flood like conditions from the Mississippi river to the Appalachian Mountains. Believe in global warming or don’t; that’s your choice. I for one am going to start considering outfitting my house with pontoons. I may even start searching for beach front property in Nevada soon.

Global Warming is coming to a theater near you folks. You can thank habitual corporate polluters such as the Koch brothers for that. Or maybe we should thank their enablers the Rethuglicans; they’re generating enough hot air denying that we’re facing an epic environmental crisis. For them, the only swelling river that matters is deNile.

Afraid of Fire and Brimstone? Wait Until the Arctic Tundra Completely Thaws Out.

By the 2020’s the arctic tundra will have thawed enough to release at least half of the amount of carbon that’s been released into the atmosphere since the dawn of the industrial revolution. It’s estimated that 100 billion tons of carbon will be released by the end of the century. Most of that carbon is going to be in the form of methane, a volatile gas that tends to explode when it’s unstable. The Big Kaboom is coming folks, and big industry is going to be there to light the match.

The Sky is Not Falling: We Just Can’t Breathe Any of it.

Graph showing ecological footprints of nations...

Image via Wikipedia

Here is more proof that our environment is fucked up. Two droughts in the last five years in the Amazon Basin have affected the rain forest’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Normally the world’s largest carbon absorber, the rain forest has been drastically reduced or weakened because of the droughts, which are linked to the rapidly warming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact the rain forest actually became the world’s largest carbon emitter; over 8 billion tons of carbon emission was registered in 2010 from the Amazon Basin. This volume of carbon disbursed into the atmosphere last year was more than Russia and China combined! 

I’m going to keep beating this environmental drum until people actually listen. Our planet is in bad shape, and only a handful of people seem to realize it. We are not going through another cyclical process; to think that our drastic weather patterns are due to anything but global warming is sheer insanity. We basically have two options: we can finally be pro-active and take extreme measures to reduce our ecological footprint, or we can just keep doing what we’re doing. If we take the second option, we can expect Mother Earth to purge herself real soon. When that happens we won’t have to worry about the environment any longer. Why? Because we’ll all be extinct, just like the thousands of species that we’ve killed off over the centuries in order to make a dollar.