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Michael Sam: Out Of The Closet And Into The Combine.

February 10, 2014 Leave a comment


First team All American, SEC defensive player of the year, team MVP, team leader. Now, Missouri defensive end has another title to his name; openly gay athlete. None of the four professional sports currently has an openly gay player amidst the ranks. Come April, after the NFL draft they will have one – Michael Sam. Projected as a linebacker in the NFL, Sam was viewed as a high draft pick. After he came out to the media on Sunday, his future is in doubt. One NFL executive has already stated that the NFL is not ready for an openly gay player. I think it is. The opinion of most NFL players is that a team mate’s orientation is not an issue, it’s what kind of player and team mate he is that counts. His peers at Missouri certainly didn’t seem to care; he came out to them last year, and was clearly a leader on an outstanding team with a ferocious defense. Michael Sam deserves to be drafted at the level that his talent and play indicate. He’s a tremendous player with football savvy, as well as a tough as nails demeanor. He’s going to be a hell of a player, and one of the 32 teams willing take a chance on him is going to be very grateful that they did. More importantly, he deserves a medal – a freaking medal of valor. He’s not only opening the closet door for himself; he’s kicking it down for other players who share his orientation. He’s a pioneer, he’s a hero. I will be following his career closely, and you can bet that I will become a fan of the team who drafts him.

Much love to you Michael Sam. You’re brave, as well as a true hero and role model. I wish you good luck and great success on this path that you’re your so valiantly embarking on.

Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

As the last remnants of Summer lazily drift by, and the crisp chill of Autumn appears on the horizon, I am reminded of an important task I must perform before Summer ends: Reboot my yearly fantasy football league. This year, I thought it might be fun to invite anyone and everyone from the WordPress blogging community family. If you’re interested in playing, please go here to sign up: It’s free, open to anyone, and a hell of a lot of fun to play!

Sexism Rules as Brent Musberger Drools and Plays The Fool.

January 9, 2013 8 comments

During the 15 minutes that I bothered to watch this train wreck of a game, it was my misfortune to witness the slobber fest that Brent Musberger committed over Katerine Webb. If you don’t know, Katherine Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. If you haven’t watched the clip by now, the gist of Brent’s sexist mooning is this: If you become a quarterback, women will have no choice but to want you because of your status. As a feminist, I have a serious problem with this.

I love football. So much so that I would subject myself to watch two teams that I despise duke it out in a national title game. So much so that I would even watch a high school game televised from say, Boise Idaho, and even choose sides to root for a team I’ve never heard of. I’ve played the game and coached the game. I get excited over the NFL draft every spring, and get absolutely giddy when football season is just around the corner. I live and breathe football. I am truly a football geek, as is my partner. I love pretty much everything about it. What I don’t love about football is the sexist, patriarchal, and often misogynistic view and treatment of women through out the sport.

From the scantily clad cheerleaders to the ogling of player’s wives and girlfriends, women around the sport are objectified. Female broadcasters are pigeon holed into little more than providing injury reports and human interest stories from the sideline, while being addressed as “dear” or “honey” or getting hit on by a drunken Joe Namath, as was the case of Suzy Kolber a few years ago. Worse yet are the stories of domestic violence in the sport, such as Chad Johnson head butting his wife, because she dared to confront him over his cheating on her, or the story of Javon Belcher, who killed his partner because she was talking to him harshly during an argument. Sexual abuse and rape scandals are routinely covered up by football programs on the college, and even high school level. The sport I love is a painful glaring example of just how much our still male dominated society treats women as unequal chattel. It saddens me deeply.

Our society is sports dominated. A lot of men and women grow up in an atmosphere of competition, because of their long time participation in sports. Morality and values are shaped in this atmosphere, and as often is the case when it comes to football, patriarchy and misogyny is encouraged in order for boys to be molded into macho, brutal, football machines. I know this first hand: I witnessed this behavior when I played. Girls were objects to be conquered and fucked, rather than equals to share friendships and intimacy with. It was disgusting.

If our society is going to become truly gender equal, than women in football should not be treated as merely eye candy who can’t help themselves but fall high profile athletes. Get rid of the cheerleaders, open up opportunities in the broadcast booth, as well as front office, scouting, and even coaching jobs to women. Hell, it would be amazing to see a woman play in a big time college program, or even the NFL in my life time, not just as a kicker, but in other positions as well.

Football is a brutal game. However, it’s treatment of women is even more brutal. It has to stop. A good start would be Brent and Herbie not macking on player’s wives and girlfriends on national TV. It was juvenile, sexist behavior, and has no place in the sport- or anywhere else for that matter.

The Tebow Manamana

January 13, 2012 6 comments
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Anyone who pays any kind of attention what so ever to football (or religion) is aware of Tebow mania. The legend of Tebow began at Florida University, where he had a stellar college career that included a national championship. As a second year pro, he took over as quarterback of the Denver Broncos early in the year, and lead them to 6 straight wins, a playoff birth, and an amazing overtime victory over the Steelers in the first round. He has become a household name in a relatively short period of time.

With Tebow mania comes much praise as well as criticism of the man. People either love him or hate him. Just look at any comment thread that follows one of the gazillion articles about him. The most popular and most ridiculous debate about the man is his faith. It’s no secret that the man is a devout christian. However, he doesn’t necessarily flaunt it anymore than any other religious athlete; in fact, other than giving thanks to the invisible sky wizard after making a play (the phenomena of Tebowing), his interviews tend to focus on football. Unlike former QB Jon Kitna, who spewed his faith forth from underneath his crucifix baseball hats at every opportunity, Tebow really does not push his faith into our faces.

In reality, it’s the overzealous christians in our society who make his faith an issue, not Tebow. To listen to them, one would think that Jesus is his personal Quarterback coach. They blather on about how christ made him the player he is today, rather than acknowledge that his success came from Tebow himself. The bottom line is that Tebow is a dynamic leader, a quick study of the game, and a tireless worker at his craft. He was born to be a football player. The fact that he is a devout christian is irrelevant to his success; It was he who made himself what he is today.

The Tebow phenomena is indicative of one of the core problems that I have with religion. There is a major tendency for most christians, muslims, etc, to attribute the randomness of living to god. There is a disturbing tendency for the deeply religious to throw one’s hands in the air while screeching “GOD, MY LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS” and letting an imaginary being take control of their lives, rather than taking responsibility for their own actions, and doing what can be done to have a good life. While Tebow may give props to god for some help, I’m betting he understands that he’s the one responsible for his success.

Love Tim Tebow, or hate Tim Tebow; it doesn’t really matter to me. My only wish is that we leave his faith out of it when debates about him crop up. I would rather talk about whether or not he can sustain his success on the field(which I think he can). His religion is his business, not ours.

An Open Letter of Concession to The University of Michigan

November 22, 2011 4 comments

Dear University of Michigan:

I am writing you this letter to acknowledge that after 7 years of humiliating your football program, there is a good chance that you might actually win this year. Even though our team has yet again some of the best talent in the country, we are young and inexperienced, as well as guided by an interim coach who is in way over his head. Therefore, I would like to congratulate you in advance for your hard earned, some what tainted victory.

Although I fully concede the fact that you probably will beat us this year, that doesn’t change the fact that you still suck. This year’s victory is a hiccup in our storied rivalry, nothing more. By this time next year, our incredibly talented, young team will have another year of experience under our scarlet and grey belts. In addition, we will be coached by one of many top shelf college coaches who are chomping at the bit to have the privilege of leading our program. Urban Meyer would be one such coach who comes to mind; Bo Pelini would be another coach who comes to mind as well.

When our highly anticipated Big Ten death match comes around this time next year, I anticipate- no, I guarantee that we will resume our seasonal practice of whooping your maize and blue ass. In the meantime, enjoy your expected victory over our weakened team.

THE Ohio State University

P.S, Ann Arbor is a whore.

Cameron Heyward Joins The Steel Curtain!

April 29, 2011 4 comments

The Steelers went defensive line last night with their first pick by drafting Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward. As a rabid Buckeye fan I can tell you that Heyward was the heart and soul of the Buckeye defense for three years. He’s a natural born leader with a motor that just won’t quit, and always comes up with the big play when the game is on the line. With Heyward, the Steelers just found their replacement for aging Aaron Smith, as well as the perfect bookend to former first rounder Ziggy Hood.

It’s Draft Night, And Boy Am I Hyped!

April 28, 2011 4 comments
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One of my favorite times of the year is upon us. Tonight marks the opening of the NFL draft. I used to religiously watch the first few rounds of the draft acting like a kid on Christmas day.

Every round brings a new pick for my favorite teams, the Steelers and the Bengals (odd, I know) and each pick is like unwrapping a new gift under the tree. Afterward, I like to spend days analyzing each pick, and projecting how they fit in each team’s plan. I’m a football geek, what can I say?

This is what I would like to see in this year’s draft for my teams: For the Steelers, they should take OL Mike Pouncey from Florida if he’s still available, then focus on the defense the rest of the draft. The secondary and defensive line both need some speed and youth, but they need to address the offensive line in the first round.

For the Bengals, well, they need a lot of help as usual. They need a QB, wide receiver, offensive line help, and defensive back help. I would like to see them draft beastly wide receiver A.J. Green in the first, then a QB such as Jake Locker or Andy Dalton in the second round. After that, it should be all offensive line and defensive backs.

However,owner Mike Brown has a hard on for big name quarter backs, so my money is on Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert in the first.

Who’s your favorite team? Who would you like them to take? I love to talk football! Discuss! 🙂

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