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Obama and Rick Santorum are Coal Brothers

CONSOL Energy Park

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I don’t know if anybody has noticed, but President Obama seems to be a big fan of “clean coal”. When he talks to the nation about energy, usually the first thing out of his mouth is “clean coal”. I would imagine that he probably wakes up in the middle of the night screaming “damn it Michelle, CLEAN COAL!” It’s almost as if somebody might be contributing to his campaign to win such a ringing endorsement for this environment crippling source of energy; Hmmm, I wonder who that could be?

Obama isn’t alone though: he has a bi-partisan ally in Rick “give a hoot please pollute” Santorum. You see, when Mr Frothy Mix isn’t busy bashing homosexuals, immigrants, and women over the head with his bible, he’s nestled contentedly in the wallet of one of the nation’s biggest coal producers, Consol Energy. From 2010 until August of 2011, he “volunteered” his services to Consol to the tune of nearly $150,00. Previously, Consol donated nearly $75,000 to his coffers during his time as a legislator. This is actually a mere pittance when compared to the
$10,000,000 that Consol spent last year to lobby against caps on greenhouse emissions. In every instance, Santorum’s pro pollution stance has mirrored that of Consol. I would bet that when Santorum is fucking his wife (missionary style and only missionary style, anything else would be absolutely sinful), he cries out Consol’s name!

In light of this, I have one piece of advice for President Obama: Distance yourself from “clean coal”. Continue to push our country to clean, renewable sources of energy. Stop sharing the back pockets of the coal industry with the likes of Rick Santorum. Climb out of that soot covered bill fold, and look to a future of clean energy. There is profit there after all; you’ll probably see more green by continuing to go green 😉

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