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Shout It Out Loud! Kiss Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

It’s about time. After 40 years of filling stadiums and arenas, as well as influencing some big name stars such as Garth Brooks, the flamboyant band known as Kiss has finally made the rock and roll hall of fame. The fact that they haven’t made it well before now is an egregious insult to the band as well as their fans. Kiss is one of my favorite groups of all time. I grew up with them, and at one point had every album they ever made. I even dressed up as Gene Simmons on one very memorable childhood Halloween.  It’s a shame that the original band couldn’t stay together, or even perform at the induction ceremony, but to channel my internal Gene Simmons, you know, shit happens. I’m glad they’re finally in; they deserve it. Now, if only the NFL hall of fame committee would vote in Ken Anderson and Ken Riley!



Pick Your Topic Tuesday: Bengals Behind Bars

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My thanks to Don in Mass for his winning topic suggestion of why the Cincinnati police blotter is so full of Cincinnati Bengals. If you haven’t checked out Don’s blog yet please do. Like me, Don has a very liberal view of life, and is not afraid to speak out for what he believes in. Don also has an uncanny knack for finding political cartoons that are hysterical!

Without Further Adieu, I give you

Bengals Behind Bars

With the arrests of Pac Man Jones, Cedric Benson, and Marvin White last week, the collar count for the team since 2000 has climbed to 34. While the Bengals way of conducting their business as a franchise is old, stale, and not conducive to winning consistently (meaning they suck), Bengals players manage to find creative ways to acquire chained bracelets from police across the country. Ranging from simple arrests for DUI or drunk and disorderly, to scratch your head type incarceration for drunken boating, and providing alcohol to underage girls, Bengals players have displayed a level of imagination for breaking the law that is only rivaled by the creativity displayed in how they lose games.

So why has there been so many Bengals arrested in the last ten years? Frankly, there is no one predominant reason. However, there are 3 reasons that when explored and combined, give a fairly clear insight on what’s going on here in the Queen City.

 The Bengals are a microcosm of character issues in the NFL. Since 2000, nearly 350 players in the NFL have been arrested. The Bengals numbers of arrests represent 10% of the league’s problem children. Until Commissioner Roger Goodell took measures to clean up the league a couple of years ago, talent has always taken priority over character in pro football. The NFL is a pressure packed, win now sport, and if Charles Manson could throw a football 80 yards with pin point accuracy, you can bet your ass a desperate GM of some team would take a chance on him. The Bengals are no different, particularly since owner-

 Mike Brown loves the bad boys. Throughout the league, owner Mike Brown is known as “the redeemer.” He is notorious for signing talented players with huge character issues at discount rates. He is a penny pincher extraordinaire, who thinks he is running a half way house for wayward players, which is not a good thing in Cincinnati since-

 The police in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky aren’t exactly color blind. Of the 34 arrests, 22 two were in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Of those 22 arrests, 2 of the players were white. Cincinnati is a city of fairly harmonious integration and diversity, yet the police have been rightfully accused of prejudicial racial profiling for years. In the 90’s that institutional bigotry nearly tore the city apart; a young African American male was shot in the back and killed while running from the police. Why was he running? Because he was scared shitless! The policemen involved were subsequently acquitted. As a result, justifiably infuriated African Americans erupted in a series of riots that would take years to recover from. In 2006, defensive tackle Matthias Askew was tazed and arrested for resisting arrest for parking violations. Yes, 2 parking violations. Askew was acquitted, and later sued the police department, who settled out of court with a $500,000 payment to Askew. Even Chris Henry, the poster child for badness in Cincinnati, was many times a victim himself of law enforcement bigotry. Of the many charges filed against him, he was either acquitted or convicted of minor offenses, resulting in slaps on the wrist.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been subjected to ridicule for 20 years, which also happens to be how long Mike Brown has owned the team. They are a train wreck of a franchise, and have earned every criticism that comes their way, including to some extent that they are the league’s version of the island of misfit toys. Their number of arrests when compared to the rest of the league is some what higher, but not by much. Mike Brown does acquire character issue players on the cheap, but so does everyone else. Of all the players arrested, none resulted in jail time, and a lot of the charges were dropped. When you look at the big picture, the willingness of every NFL team to sign players with character issues, and the history of institutional prejudice in local law enforcement, it’s no wonder that the Bengals arrest rate is slightly higher, resulting in constant to generalizations and ridicule, particularly when you combine their amount of arrests with their history of suckitude.

However, they don’t have an accused accessory to murder starting at their middle linebacker spot, or a convicted dog killer starting at quarterback. Hell, they don’t even have a wide receiver who was convicted of possessing and discharging a firearm in a public place, nor a wide receiver that killed a man while driving drunk. At least they have that going for them.

And The Winner of Pick Your Topic Tuesday Is:

I’ll be damned, we have a tie. As usual, there were some great topic suggestions to choose from. However there are two in particular that really piqued my interest, so I’m choosing both! Congratulations to this week’s co-winners; Marcy Harris with her suggestion, of looking into this whole breast feeding baby doll controversy, and Don in Mass with his suggestion that I blog about why there have been so many Cincinnati Bengals arrested over the years. Whew! I have my work cut out for me this week!

I will have two separate posts, each 300 word minimums on the blog no later than Friday evening. Each blog will come with all the Tin Foil Hat trimmings, including giving credit to Don and Marcy for their suggestions. I would talk about Marcy’s blog, but she doesn’t have one. However, me and Marcy grew up together, so maybe I’ll take a ride in the way back machine, and reveal some juicy dark secret about Marcy’s past 😉

Thanks again to everyone who contributed this week, and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday!

It’s Draft Night, And Boy Am I Hyped!

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One of my favorite times of the year is upon us. Tonight marks the opening of the NFL draft. I used to religiously watch the first few rounds of the draft acting like a kid on Christmas day.

Every round brings a new pick for my favorite teams, the Steelers and the Bengals (odd, I know) and each pick is like unwrapping a new gift under the tree. Afterward, I like to spend days analyzing each pick, and projecting how they fit in each team’s plan. I’m a football geek, what can I say?

This is what I would like to see in this year’s draft for my teams: For the Steelers, they should take OL Mike Pouncey from Florida if he’s still available, then focus on the defense the rest of the draft. The secondary and defensive line both need some speed and youth, but they need to address the offensive line in the first round.

For the Bengals, well, they need a lot of help as usual. They need a QB, wide receiver, offensive line help, and defensive back help. I would like to see them draft beastly wide receiver A.J. Green in the first, then a QB such as Jake Locker or Andy Dalton in the second round. After that, it should be all offensive line and defensive backs.

However,owner Mike Brown has a hard on for big name quarter backs, so my money is on Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert in the first.

Who’s your favorite team? Who would you like them to take? I love to talk football! Discuss! 🙂

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Pat McInally: Pat McInally’s life off field has eclipsed on-field achievements – (via Don in Mass)

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As a life long and former Bengals fan, I just had to share this post from Don in Mass. It’s a where are they now piece on one of my all time favorite Bengals: Pat McInally. While McInally is well known in the NFL for being the only player to score a 50 on the Wonderlic test, he is revered throughout Bengaldom for his play as a punter and part-time wide receiver during the 70’s, when the Bengals actually managed to field some pretty good teams.

My favorite memory of McInally came during a bitter rival game with the Steelers in the late 70’s; during a punt, McInally was laid out by the fierce rush of the original Steel Curtain. So much so, that he had to be strapped to a board and carted off the field. Late in the fourth quarter, he returned to catch a long touchdown pass from Ken Anderson to upset the Steelers, as well as upsetting my step mom, who is a huge Steelers fan 😉

Thanks for publishing the post Don, you made my day by taking me in the way back machine!

Pat McInally: Pat McInally's life off field has eclipsed on-field achievements - Harvard graduate and former Cincinnati Bengals punter/receiver Pat McInally, is now coaching high school football in Southern California, and is doing it without pay. McInally scored a 50 on the Wonderlic intelligence test, prior to the 1975 NFL draft, and no other football player has done it. Whether your a football fan or not, it is an interesting story. Read it at the LA Times Pat McInally: Pat McInally’s life off field has eclipsed on-field a … Read More

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The NFL Players and Owners Can Kiss my Ass!

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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As football addicts, Ms TFH and I have been following the NFL labor negations fairly close. We have been trying to get our football fix with Arena Football and pretty soon Women’s Professional Football. Both are highly enjoyable, affordable means to feed our football addictions. In the meantime, what about the failed negotiations, ensuing lock out, antitrust suits, and the very real possibility that there will not be a 2011 season?  In my opinion, both sides can go pound salt.

The labor negotiations that are going on here is akin to a financial argument between Republicans and Tea Baggers; it’s a battle between the haves and the haves. Owners make billions from ticket sales, concessions, parking, merchandise sales etc, while the tax payers foot the bill for their stadiums. On the other hand, the players, while not doing as well as the owners, still make out like bandits. The lowest paid players in the NFL make $320 thousand a year, while the elite are mega millionaires. Here in Boehnerville, Bengals quarterback Carson “pick six” Palmer is threatening to retire if he isn’t traded. What is his financial situation? He claims that he has $80 million in the bank. I repeat, 80 fucking million dollars. Something is incredibly wrong with this picture folks.

Personally, though I dearly love the game of football, I’m not going to suffer if they never come back. In Hamilton County where I live, the budget deficit may actually be erased if there was no NFL. The county would recoup millions spent yearly on stadium upkeep, and would not have to increase taxes to stay afloat, on those who can least afford it, which would be people like me and you. If the owners and the players truly wanted to do the right thing, they should stop worrying about who gets a bigger piece of the pie and start concerning themselves with the fans and the people who work in and around the stadium. Whatever the difference in revenue sharing that is holding back an agreement should be directed toward making games more affordable and raising the wages of those who work in the stadiums. Until they can do that, I propose that it’s the fans that should go on strike. Stop going to the games, stop buying merchandise, stop all means of enabling. Maybe then the NFL will get the idea that none of us feel a bit sorry for either side.