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Watch “Bill Clinton full DNC Speech 2012” on YouTube

Even though I supported Clinton during his presidency, I have not been the biggest fan. His repeal of Glass-Steagle took us down the road to devastating deregulation of banking. In addition, his signing of DOMA into law, set back marriage equality for the LGBT community by at least 2 decades.

What I do admire about Clinton is his dedication and passion. Even though he has been out of office for 12 years, he just may be the hardest working man in politics and diplomacy. Furthermore, I love his communication. Clinton has never had a problem with relating to the poor and middle class; his messages are simple and folksy, yet intelligent and full of common sense while not being condescending. At face value, Clinton is a man for the people.

Last night may have been one of his masterpieces. His speech at the DNC is being hailed by many as the game changer that will get Obama reelected.

However, don’t take my word for it: See for yourself.

Would You Vote For a Third Party Candidate?

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Some interesting news was published by the Atlantic Monthly. According to a recent Gallup poll, 52% of Republicans questioned are in favor of a third party candidate for the 2012 election.
Not surprisingly, a full 60% of Tea Baggers also want a third party!

Most of this dissension stems from the fact that most Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed (duh), as well as unhappiness with the Republicans determination to screw with Medicare.

If a third party candidate such as Donald Trump or Ron Paul were to rise out of the ashes of the Republican party primaries, this would be more good news for Obama. Remember Ross Perot? He divided the Republican vote in 1992, which allowed Bill Clinton to squeak by favored incumbent George H.W. Bush.

Unfortunately, there is little opportunity for third party politicians in a presidential election. It’s a shame, because we need more viable choices than what the Democrats or Republicans throw at us every 4 years.

I voted for Obama, and I’m not happy with his work. As one blogger recently stated, “this is nothing more than Bush’s third term.” I refuse to vote for a Republican candidate, so where does that leave me, and others who feel as I do? Screwed, that’s where.

National politics is a game that only allows for 2 players in our bi-partisan presidential elections. I wish that would change; otherwise if I vote outside the party, I’m going to distinctly feel like my vote was wasted.

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