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Arizona: It’s Not The Heat. It’s The Stupidity.

February 25, 2014 3 comments


Once again, Arizona has lost its freaking collective religious right mind. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard by now that Arizona legislature passed a bill making it legal for businesses, public servants etc, to refuse service to anyone who does not conform to their religious beliefs. Dubbed the “right to discriminate act,” similar bills are currently being considered in 10 other states, with Georgia hot on the heels of Arizona. While many feel as if these bills solely target the LGBT communities in these states, that’s not exactly true. In Georgia and Arizona for instance, a hotel for example, can refuse to give a room to anyone who does not fit the religious criteria of the owner. Muslims, Hindus, virtually anyone can be refused service. Currently in Arizona, the bill is expected to be vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer. However, she is doing it because of the back lash, not because it’s just a god-awful, disgusting Jim Crow like set back to human rights. The bill reeks of inhumanity, and both conservative and liberal alike should be disgusted by any such piece of legislation. This bill, and other bills under consideration, are a slippery slope toward not only a return to Jim Crow, but a return to Nazi Germany as well. It’s horrifying to me to even think about what bills may come afterward, should any state turn such discrimination into law.

Yet, I’m not surprised by the bill. The radical religious right has been hot on the trail of Puritan like conformity for decades. They want to quash down the movement of marriage equality (Ted Cruz, I’m looking at you). They want to kill women’s reproductive rights (Hello Rick Perry!).  They want to severely limit immigration. They want to jail almost every American of black and brown color on trumped up charges.  They want to eliminate every colorful ingredient of our melting pot, and turn our country into bland creme soup. It’s so bad, that even moderate conservatives are not only distancing themselves from their grand old party, they’re forsaking it all together – in droves. If John McCain is complaining, you know it’s bad.

What’s our recourse? Protest, protest against these moral intruders like they owe you money. Write your state leaders, and make your voice heard. Threaten with your buying power, and threaten with your votes. People will listen. It’s happened before, and it can happen again. In fact, it’s already happening, why else would Governor Brewer consider a veto? It’s not because of her humanity: She doesn’t have any. It’s because she knows that Arizona will lose a ton of tourist dollars. She’s probably going to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, but at least she’s going to do the right thing. We must continue to stand up for what is right: After all, George Takei simply isn’t going to be around forever to fight our battles for us.

These are dangerous times we live in folks, and if we don’t fight back, our freedom will already be more repressed that it already is. I’m just saying.

I Bet Movie Night At Terri Proud’s House Isn’t Much Fun.

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment
Great Seal of the State of Arizona

Great Seal of the State of Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back when I was a freshman in an Ohio catholic high school, part of my young adult christian brain washing was being forced to watch a video of an actual abortion. I remember that me and my class mates were subjected to this horrific film as a part of our health class. The film was very graphic, and many of the students had to leave the room; they were either emotionally overwhelmed, or nauseated from the gore. It was a very traumatic experience for 13 to 14 year old kids to deal with, and furthered my personal disillusionment with the church, and religion in general. Even as a young teen, I could see through the bullshit that is religion.

Now, decades later, Arizona representative Terri Proud (R) wants to force women who want an abortion to watch one of these such videos, before they have the procedure. Apparently to Rep Proud, an abortion isn’t traumatic enough; she wants to carry the anguish even further in an obvious attempt to further her christian agenda.

Terri Proud is part of the ongoing right wing movement to turn this country into a theocracy where everyone’s rights are dictated by the bible. Speaking of the bible, Ms. Proud is also sponsoring a bill in the Arizona legislature mandating the teaching of the bible in public schools.

All I can say about the uber extremist right wing nut jobs in Arizona is this: It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

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