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Religious Law is All Well And Good, Until Someone Files a Law Suit.

January 25, 2013 2 comments

The catholic church has added another incredible page to its history book of hypocrisy.

In Colorado, a “non-profit” organization, Catholic Health Initiatives is hiding behind Colorado secular law in order to ward off a wrongful death lawsuit involving a 31 year old women and her two unborn twins. The defense? The babies were fetuses, therefore the courts “should not overturn the long-standing rule in Colorado that the term ‘person,’ as is used in the Wrongful Death Act, encompasses only individuals born alive. Colorado state courts define ‘person’ under the Act to include only those born alive. Therefore Plaintiffs cannot maintain wrongful death claims based on two fetuses”

On January 1, 2006, Jeremy Stodghill brought his seven months pregnant wife Lori into the ER at St. Thomas More hospital in Canon City, Colorado. She had trouble breathing, and was vomiting. Her obstetrition, Dr. Pelham Staples was paged as soon as Lori arrived, but did not answer. Lori died less than an hour later, as did her unborn twins. The hospital determined that Lori died from a massive heart attack, which was a result of the main artery to her lungs being clogged.

After Lori’s death, Jeremy Stodghill filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital, one of the 170 health care facilities that Catholic Health Initiatives operates in 17 states. His complaint is that the ER should have performed an emergency C-section in order to save the lives of the fetuses. So far, the hospital has been successful in fighting the lawsuit by claiming that the fetuses were not people since they were not born yet. This defense has been held up by two different Colorado courts. This is where the hypocrisy of the church comes in.

All catholic health care facilities follow the directives of the catholic church: Catholic health care facilities are to recognize the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until death. The church’s defense of life encompasses the unborn. That is of course, until the church is about to lose a shit load of money. All dogma goes out the window, while this organization with 15 billion dollars in assets hides behind secular law!

The church states that abortion is a sin because life begins at contraception, yet two 7 month fetuses have no rights because they are unborn, and not people? The church may have secular law behind them, but their God’s law has been forsaken in order to cover their own asses.

Nice. Really fucking nice. This is a perfect example of why I’m a born again atheist.

A Good Question.

January 22, 2013 2 comments


A tip of the tin foil hat to People Against Gun Violence for sharing.

Dear (Fill in The Blank) Zealots – Shut The F#ck Up!

January 15, 2013 4 comments
Fuck you

Fuck you (Photo credit: Stéphane Giner)

No one is coming to take your guns – please, shut the fuck up.

You don’t need an assault gun with a grenade launcher to hunt deer or protect your home – please, shut the fuck up.

The Muslims and atheists are not coming to blow up your churches or rob you of your religion- please, shut the fuck up.

Gays and lesbians getting married do not rob you of your rights, nor do they violate the sanctity of marriage- please, pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top, shut the fuck up.

Obama is not a socialist, nor is he coming to take your big screen TV to give to a poor person. Corporate profits have soared under Obama- please, shut the fuck up.

Climate change is real, and this planet is in grave danger of dying – please, shut the fuck up: your blustering over cyclical temps is greatly contributing to our carbon foot print.

Obama is not out to steal your liberties: He’s too busy killing innocent people of color in third world countries with his killer robot planes – please, shut the fuck up.

Reagan and Bush spent way more, and contributed more to the deficit than Obama – please, shut the fuck up.

Supply side economics doesn’t work – please, shut the fuck up.

Women deserve to have control over their own bodies – please, take your patriarchal, misogynistic views, and shut that whole fucking thing down.

Getting more people to work is more important than austerity: More workers equals more taxpayers and consumers, which equals more revenue – Mitch please, shut the fuck up.

God is indeed in our schools: if a student so desires to bring god with him or her to school, she or he has every right to do so – can I get a please shut the fuck up?

Most people don’t want “gifts” from our government. What they want is a chance for a good education, a good job, and a good life – please, help yourself to a Mitt Romney sized cup of shut the fuck up.

Liberals are not some communist horde looking to tear down America. We simply want to level the playing field in order to make sure that everyone has a chance to work hard, and build America up – please, right wing pundits, shut the fuck up.

If I left any wing nuts out, don’t worry I’ll get to you – in the mean time have a seat in yonder corner, and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Tagg Romney’s Gestational Surrogate Had An “Abortion Clause” – The Frisky

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment


Here’s a very interesting article that highlights just how much of a hypocrite Mitt Romney is. There may have been a surrogate agreement between the Romneys and the surrogate who gave birth to their son Tagg (who names their son Tagg?).  Within the agreement was an abortion clause, allowing either party to abort the fetus under certain conditions. Here’s the clause, in all of it’s hypocritical goodness:


“If in the opinion of the treating physician or her independent obstetrician there is potential physical harm to the surrogate, the decision to abort or not abort is to be made by the surrogate. … In the event the child is determined to be physiologically, genetically or chromosomally abnormal, the decision to abort or not to abort is to be made by the intended parents.  In such a case the surrogate agrees to abort, or not to abort, in accordance with the intended parents’ decision.”


I don’t have a problem with the clause if it did exist: the problem that I have is with Mitt and Ann Romney. Ostensibly, they are the hallmark of the GOP’s core plank of “family values”. You know, no abortion, no marriage equality, god and country, blah fucking blah. Romney can not be trusted. He talks out of both sides of his pie hole in order to whore for votes, while little tidbits from his past are appearing more frequently and discredit him more each day.  His elitist, out of touch political stance is losing support by the hour, even among conservatives. He needs to be shut down, along with his extremist right wing lackeys. When you go to vote, make sure you are completely informed about this man, and do not believe the bull shit.


A Woman’s Body

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment


I Bet Movie Night At Terri Proud’s House Isn’t Much Fun.

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment
Great Seal of the State of Arizona

Great Seal of the State of Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back when I was a freshman in an Ohio catholic high school, part of my young adult christian brain washing was being forced to watch a video of an actual abortion. I remember that me and my class mates were subjected to this horrific film as a part of our health class. The film was very graphic, and many of the students had to leave the room; they were either emotionally overwhelmed, or nauseated from the gore. It was a very traumatic experience for 13 to 14 year old kids to deal with, and furthered my personal disillusionment with the church, and religion in general. Even as a young teen, I could see through the bullshit that is religion.

Now, decades later, Arizona representative Terri Proud (R) wants to force women who want an abortion to watch one of these such videos, before they have the procedure. Apparently to Rep Proud, an abortion isn’t traumatic enough; she wants to carry the anguish even further in an obvious attempt to further her christian agenda.

Terri Proud is part of the ongoing right wing movement to turn this country into a theocracy where everyone’s rights are dictated by the bible. Speaking of the bible, Ms. Proud is also sponsoring a bill in the Arizona legislature mandating the teaching of the bible in public schools.

All I can say about the uber extremist right wing nut jobs in Arizona is this: It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

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North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Calls For Bringing Back Public Hangings, Starting With Abortion Providers | ThinkProgress

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Does anybody else find it ironic that rabid “pro-lifers” want to kill every abortion provider in the country? Yeesh.

North Carolina GOP Lawmaker Calls For Bringing Back Public Hangings, Starting With Abortion Providers | ThinkProgress.

BTW Rep Larry Pittman, because you are a nut job Tea Bagging right wing extremist who favors public hangings of abortion providers, you win this installment of the Obama Ear Scratch of The Week.