Highlights of The Mike Huckabee Political Rally

GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently had a fund raising rally in his home state of Arkansas. Here are the highlights:

I didn’t realize that Mike was such a good dancer!

The Important Question Everyone Is Asking Me.

Who doesn't love Lloyd Dobler?

Hint: The answer to the question involves this guy.

There’s been a lot going on recently: There is the one year anniversary of the Ferguson shooting, complete with protests and more violence. There was a GOP Presidential debate that hardly anyone watched. Oh, and Russia apparently has made Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, as well as their extended elven family, sovereign Russian citizens. 

Stay the fuck out of our hood Putin!

Stay the fuck out of our hood Putin!

In light of these events, a lot of people are asking me one important question: “Tin Foil Hat Man, what are your favorite 80’s teen movies?” Being the socially conscious blogger that I am, I feel obliged to answer this continuously controversial question.

#5 Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Fast Times was hilarious, and featured some awesome music. I loved Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli, he continues to be one of my favorite movie characters. Also: This.

#4 Back To The Future

Back To The Future is one of those movies that defines the times you were living in. I remember nearly everything that was going on in my life when this movie came out. It was a roller coaster of a movie, and pared well with my roller coaster life at the time.

#3 Say Anything

I didn’t actually see this movie until around 2005. It was an instant favorite the moment I saw it. John Cusack makes my list twice with my inclusion of

#2 Sixteen Candles

This is one of my favorite movies – period. It had laughs galore. It had a cool love story. It had both John and Joan Cusack, and oh, it had this guy:

#1A The Breakfast Club

This was the ultimate in teen anti-establishment movies. What wasn’t to love about The Breakfast Club? I simply adore this movie, and I could watch it over and over and never get sick of it.

#1 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I love this movie so much that I want to marry it, and bear its children. Who doesn’t love a movie that features this?

Or this?

And this?

I know what you’re thinking. “Tin Foil Hatman, why are there 6 movies? You said that this is a top 5 list! Can’t you count?” Yes, it is a top 5 list, and I know that I put 6 movies on it. You see, I’m a rebel: I’m John Bender, I’m Jeff Spicoli, I’m Ferris Bueller. I’m the guy who breaks rules and laughs about it the entire time. At least on here I am. Otherwise I’m just a guy that writes blog posts that nobody reads ;) I hope you enjoyed the list. Do me a solid and tell me about some of your favorites in the comments! In the mean time, I’m off to the movies.

Later Ya’ll!


What The Donald Really Wants To Say About Megyn Kelly

Unless you’re living under a rock. You’re remotely aware that there was a GOP candidate presidential debate on Fox News. Within that debate, Megyn Kelly peppered Donald Trump with questions concerning his record with women. You may also be aware that Trump was butt hurt over his “mistreatment”, and said some unkind, sexist remarks toward Kelly afterward. While he didn’t say what’s featured in this meme that I came across, I would imagine that someone as misogynistic and crass as Trump would gleefully bellow something along those lines in private.

The Laughable Look of The American Wankster.

I get that everyone in the world loves and emulates American pop culture. It’s been going on ever since the American cowboy was a real thing. It’s possibly been going on longer than that. What I don’t get is the suburban emulation of the gang banger. You see them everywhere: Teens and young adults dressed in clothes that are two sizes too big, wearing hats with ridiculous flat brims and at crazy angles. They often adorn such wanna be fashion with Mr T starter sets around their necks, wrists, and fingers. You see them at malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Furthermore, it’s not enough to dress like a gang banger: Most of these wanksters have to walk, talk, and act like they are truly inner city thugs, doing whatever needs to be done to survive. In reality, these people are suburban, somewhat affluent, and live in a world that is 100 times further away from inner city life than the world they actually live in.

They think they look like this:

Ok, that look is kind of bad ass.

Ok, that look is kind of bad ass.

When they really look like this:


I think I used to work with this guy at the Kwicky Mart.

I get that the gang banger has been part of our pop culture scene for nearly thirty years now. Movies like Colors and New Jack City have popularized the gang banger, while rappers have been extremely successful in perpetuating the stereotype. I get it, however, I think it’s stupid. It’s stupid and dangerous. The look glorifies gang violence. It glorifies drug abuse. It glorifies mistreatment of women. It is simply a bad lifestyle to emulate, and most of these pretenders look like idiots instead of thugs. To me looking at a wankster is as unbearable as seeing my grandmother dressed as a stripper. Seriously dude, you don’t look like a tough guy, you look like a moron.

In honor of the gangster wanna be, or wankster as I like to call you, I want to dedicate a couple of songs to you. I hope you find them as ludicrous as I find you. You may think you’re 2Chainz, but really you’re just 2Goofy.

Now get out of my grill before I pull your card. Word.

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A Tin Foil Review of The GOP Debate

Actually, I spent the night watching reruns of Doc Martin and NCIS. However, if I know the field of GOP candidates correctly, I would bet last night’s debate looked something like this:

I’m betting that’s Megyn Kelly pulling the cart.

Another Week, Another Mass Shooting.

Gov. Bobby Jindal:

Gov. Bobby Jindal: “We never imaged this would happen in Louisiana.”

Considering the fact that Louisiana has probably the most pro-gun laws in the country, it’s no wonder that the state leads the country in gun related deaths. How could Bobby Jindal not see this coming? Currently, there isn’t much information on the shooter, John Houser, other than he was 59 years old, was estranged from his family,was a member of the Tea Party, and had a very old criminal history. Oh, he was also denied a gun permit in Alabama back in 2006. Wait, what? He was denied a gun permit in Alabama of all places, but still managed to get a gun in Louisiana?  The fact that a person can be denied a gun permit in one state, and simply cross the border to another state to buy a gun is why we need stringent, federal gun laws. If we had them in place already, there might not be a shot up theater in Lafayette, Louisiana this morning. Or dead marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or dead church goers in Charleston, South Carolina, or dead – Oh hell, you get my point. Lather. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s a never ending cycle of gun violence. While we can continue to try and analyze the who and the why, we could at least come to our senses and address the how.

No, I’m not saying abolish the 2nd Amendment. I’m not saying ban all guns. I’ve owned guns, and I’ve shot guns. I enjoyed it, I’ll admit that. Of course, here’s the rub on my personal experience with guns. I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder. I have been documented with suicidal and psychotic tendencies. Here in Kentucky, I was able to acquire a gun with no background or medical check what so ever. That’s right, a man with some severe mental disorders was able to get a gun with little to no effort. Sound familiar?  The whole concept of being able to walk in and buy any gun your heart desires without so much as a background check sounds crazy, even to a person who has literally been diagnosed as crazy. Face it, our priorities are fucked up, and that’s why this shit keeps happening. We need to address our gun problem head on, and we need to do it now.

Or we can behave like Governor Bobby Jindal: Keep pretending that all Americans have the undeniable right to any and all firearms, then continue to wonder why countless, innocent lives are lost because they committed the crime of being at the wrong end of a gun barrel. We still have prayer though! That’s the stock answer to every tragedy, right?

Update: More information is coming in about John Houser. Surprise surprise! He’s another gun toting, Obama hating, white supremacist.

I’ve Been Making This Face A Lot Lately

Or any of the Koch suckers that are currently running.

Or any of the Koch suckers that are currently running.

In spite of the hateful, racist, stupid shit that’s spewing out of the Donald’s mouth, he seems to be more popular than ever. I don’t get it. In fact I don’t really fathom as to why anyone who belongs in the ever shrinking middle class or lower would ever support today’s teapublican candidates. All they care about is getting richer than they already are. Their stratagem is tried and true: Divide and conquer. They some how talk the huddled masses into hating each other, in order to keep them from forming a united front. This has been going on here for centuries. It’s a mystery to me why people keep buying into the very bullshit that is keeping them in the plight they are in. It’s no mystery as to why I don’t like to go out into public anymore. People who enjoy being treated like chattel simply scare the hell out of me.

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