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When In The Hell Did We Move To Hoth?

I took my dog for a walk this morning, and I saw this running around outside:



Is this fucking winter ever going to end? There must be 3 inches of nothing but pure ice on the ground . My dog is a Pyrenees – Collie mix; She’s built for this kind of weather. I get her outside this morning, she looks around and then looks at me as to say “Oh fuck no, I’m not running around in this shit!”

Please come soon Spring. I really miss my muscle shirts and shorts now!

Not Much Going On Today

It’s quiet – too quiet. Here’s some goats screaming like humans. Enjoy!

Yes! And Stop Wearing Your Pajamas in Public As Well!


Happy Holidays From Beneath The Tin Foil Hat!

I’m just going to live a little something for ya’ll right. About. Here.


I Want Whatever This Guy is Smoking!


I also want in on whatever deal he has with the red dragon.

A tip of the tin foil hat to Tea and Copy.















I’d stay away from JoAnn if I were you 😦



The Politics of Puppies






What can I say? The puppies demanded equal time 😉