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Another Week, Another Mass Shooting.

Gov. Bobby Jindal:

Gov. Bobby Jindal: “We never imaged this would happen in Louisiana.”

Considering the fact that Louisiana has probably the most pro-gun laws in the country, it’s no wonder that the state leads the country in gun related deaths. How could Bobby Jindal not see this coming? Currently, there isn’t much information on the shooter, John Houser, other than he was 59 years old, was estranged from his family,was a member of the Tea Party, and had a very old criminal history. Oh, he was also denied a gun permit in Alabama back in 2006. Wait, what? He was denied a gun permit in Alabama of all places, but still managed to get a gun in Louisiana?  The fact that a person can be denied a gun permit in one state, and simply cross the border to another state to buy a gun is why we need stringent, federal gun laws. If we had them in place already, there might not be a shot up theater in Lafayette, Louisiana this morning. Or dead marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or dead church goers in Charleston, South Carolina, or dead – Oh hell, you get my point. Lather. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s a never ending cycle of gun violence. While we can continue to try and analyze the who and the why, we could at least come to our senses and address the how.

No, I’m not saying abolish the 2nd Amendment. I’m not saying ban all guns. I’ve owned guns, and I’ve shot guns. I enjoyed it, I’ll admit that. Of course, here’s the rub on my personal experience with guns. I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder. I have been documented with suicidal and psychotic tendencies. Here in Kentucky, I was able to acquire a gun with no background or medical check what so ever. That’s right, a man with some severe mental disorders was able to get a gun with little to no effort. Sound familiar?  The whole concept of being able to walk in and buy any gun your heart desires without so much as a background check sounds crazy, even to a person who has literally been diagnosed as crazy. Face it, our priorities are fucked up, and that’s why this shit keeps happening. We need to address our gun problem head on, and we need to do it now.

Or we can behave like Governor Bobby Jindal: Keep pretending that all Americans have the undeniable right to any and all firearms, then continue to wonder why countless, innocent lives are lost because they committed the crime of being at the wrong end of a gun barrel. We still have prayer though! That’s the stock answer to every tragedy, right?

Update: More information is coming in about John Houser. Surprise surprise! He’s another gun toting, Obama hating, white supremacist.

I’ve Been Making This Face A Lot Lately

Or any of the Koch suckers that are currently running.

Or any of the Koch suckers that are currently running.

In spite of the hateful, racist, stupid shit that’s spewing out of the Donald’s mouth, he seems to be more popular than ever. I don’t get it. In fact I don’t really fathom as to why anyone who belongs in the ever shrinking middle class or lower would ever support today’s teapublican candidates. All they care about is getting richer than they already are. Their stratagem is tried and true: Divide and conquer. They some how talk the huddled masses into hating each other, in order to keep them from forming a united front. This has been going on here for centuries. It’s a mystery to me why people keep buying into the very bullshit that is keeping them in the plight they are in. It’s no mystery as to why I don’t like to go out into public anymore. People who enjoy being treated like chattel simply scare the hell out of me.

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Almost 15 Years Later: Drug Testing Costs More Than It Saves.

How else am I going to weed out the 2.6% of you drug abusing low lifes?

How else am I going to weed out the 2.6% of you drug abusing low lifes?

First and foremost, drug screening is a scam. It’s a scam designed to create paranoia that drug abuse is rampant everywhere. Be it in the home, or in the workplace, there are drug abusers, drug abusers everywhere! According to the companies that sell drug testing kits and perform the tests, drug abusers are worse than all of the socialists and muslims combined. Why is that? Well, when you consider that each kit roughly cost $30, not including all of the administration and lab work costs, why wouldn’t you try to profit from the very paranoia that you’ve created? Want to know why all 50 states do not require drug screens for government assistance applicants? Because it’s not cost effective.

In Florida, one such state that did require drug screening for assistance applicants before the law was struck down. It was reported that in a four month period in 2011, $118.000 was spent on drug testing kits alone. out of a little over 4000 applicants, 188 were caught, roughly 2.6%. This is about half of what the state would have spent if they had merely allowed those 2.6% to get benefits. The drug kits actually cost the state $45,000, not counting administrative cost and lab fees. I’m sure that money could have been spent more effectively on, I don’t know, maybe job training or something along those lines?

Speaking of job training, drug screening in the work place is even more expensive: When I was an administrator, it was my job to screen my current and prospective drivers. The cost of a 5 panel screen was roughly $100.00 at my then employer’s expense. How many people failed in the 7 years I worked there? 1 person failed the test. 1 out of over 100’s of test issued during that time. Still think testing makes sense? If you do, it’s either because you fail to see reasoning, or you work for a drug testing company.

Going back to my first point, drug testing is just one giant unprofitable boondoggle. Unprofitable that is, to employers, as well as state and federal governments. However, if you’re one such lucky corporation that sells the kits and charge for lab work, then drug testing is awesome. You’re making money faster than a war time Dick Cheney. You are to the war on drugs what Halliburton is to the war on terrorism. Congratulations, enjoy you’re money. Or go fuck yourself. I really don’t care.

Want to save money? How about drug screening corporate leaders and politicians. I’m pretty sure if George W. Bush had been tested we would have saved billions of dollars and countless lives in doing so. The man was having visions of god while he was in the oval office. He was either mentally ill, or on some really powerful hallucinogens. Think about it, they’re the ones who can afford the good drugs that are guaranteed to fuck your world up. They’re the ones who can do it consistently. They are problem, not the 2.6% of the poor people who would rather get high than eat. When given a choice, over 90% percent of the population choose the necessities of life over drugs. The rich have to make no such choice. Hmmmm, that explains a lot, at least to me it does. It’s not the drugs that are ruining our world, it’s money. Maybe we should test for money addiction instead of Marijuana.

I’m just saying.


How is this prick even remotely funny?

How is this prick even remotely funny?

I just read that Carrot Top is still around. He’s headlining in Vegas, and he’s worth 75 million dollars. WTF? I think I may give up blogging and go on the comedy circuit. If that ginger headed unfunny fop can get rich from telling bad jokes, then I should be able to make billions. Only in America folks. Well ok, only in America, Germany (David Hasselhoff), and Japan (Carl Lewis).

I’m just saying.

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On The Chatanooga Shootings

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez

Another horrific shooting occurred yesterday, in which 4 marines were killed, and one police officer was wounded. The shooter, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, was killed as well during his spree. Adulazeez, 24 years old, had published two blog post three days before the shootings. In these two blog post, he called for jihad, and concluded in one of his post  “What is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.” While it certainly appears as if Abdulazeez was motivated by the hard line aspects of Islam, perhaps, in this incident, that isn’t the case. Maybe, just maybe, those two post weren’t indicative of who Abdulazeez once was, only what he had become: Another disillusioned young adult, living in a world where very few people succeed in life.

Abdulazeez grew up very American. He was a wrestler in high school. He participated in mixed martial arts. There are YouTube videos of him hanging out with friends. He had a degree in engineering from the University of Tennessee. There is a graduation picture of him, clean shaven and regaled in cap and gown, the American Flag featured prominently behind him. He planted flowers for his mother. He was for all intents and purposes, a young man with a bright future. When we fast forward three years from the date of his graduation, we find yet another person with a college degree who couldn’t find a job, with very little prospects. He was angry, lonely, and more than a little unhinged.

Don’t get me wrong: What he did was atrocious. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for this man. It was an unconscionable act, and I feel horrible for those four marines who were killed. I feel even worse for their families. It’s just that in spite of his jihadist bluster three days before the shootings, I’m not convinced it was about jihad. Again, I think it was more about disillusionment and despair. In fact, like a lot of people do, he had turned to drugs and alcohol as a crutch. This past April, he was arrested for a DUI. During the stop, it was noted that he smelled of marijuana, and had a white powdery residue on his face. Tell me I’m wrong here, but doesn’t Islam prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs? The actions of Abdulazeez smacks more of addiction and mental illness, and less like Jihad as the facts continue to come out. He seemingly loved the American Way, until the American Way stopped loving him back.

Again, please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. Abdulazeez became a very bad man. However, I think we should do more than just scratch the surface and declare that he was just another muslim terrorist, hell bent on killing as many Americans as possible, before going out in a blaze of jihadist glory. He was a person, with hopes of a good job, and getting married and having a family. In other words, he was just like the rest of us. However, the difference is that while most of us can deal with failure and disappointment, he couldn’t. While the rest of us pick ourselves up and carry on, he snapped and took it out on four Marines and a cop, all of whom deserved better.

What I’m saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The chapters don’t always match up to the picture on the jacket.

Obama Is In His “I Don’t Give A F**K Phase, And That’s A Good Thing.

What Ronnie giveth, Barack taketh away.

What Ronnie giveth, Barack taketh away.

Ronnnie Ray-Gun sells weapons to Iran to support a brutal overthrow of Nicaragua and what happens? He plays the “I can’t remember because I’m a senile old man” card, and is viewed as one of our greatest presidents. President Obama oversees one of the biggest peace accords in the last 40 years, and catches nothing but shade over it. There is something very wrong with this picture folks. It’s nice to see that while Obama is in his “I don’t give a fuck stage,” he’s actually using that attitude to achieve worth while change for the better. He’s probably the first two term president since FDR to behave in this manner.

Think about it: what other president has entered their last two years (The I don’t give a fuck phase) and actually worked hard to do good things? Clinton? Nope, he left still mired scandal. Reagan? Hell no, he left in scandal as well. Nixon? Fuck no. He spent spent the best part of his second term drunk, leaving Kissinger and Al Haig to run the country. That is of course, until he resigned, leaving amidst the mother of all White House scandals. Eisenhower? No, hell no. He left wishing he had nuked half of the planet. So, that brings us to FDR, who I think may have been in his “I don’t give a fuck phase,” from the first day he was sworn in, until the day he died in office. Being president during a depression and world war can do that to a person.

This appears to be the Barack Obama that we had hoped for when he was first elected in 2008. A president who actually goes against the grain, and works to make not only this country better, but the world as well. Sure he has his fair share of warts and monumental fuck ups, like the Wall Street bail out, or the drone wars abroad and domestic, but I like what he’s doing. Keep it up!


By the way, if you want to see the in depth list of what Obama has accomplished since he was elected president, head over to The Fifth Column. It’s a great post breaking down all of his achievements.

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The Tin Foil Hat Manifesto (From The Mind Unleashed)

The other day my wife came across this article, Information That We Need To Wake The F**k Up. I think it serves as the perfect manifesto for those of us who believe that the world is indeed under attack from the top 1%. I published part of the article here, but you really should click on the hyperlink to read the full article. It will blow your mind a little bit.

1. The economic principle of ‘growth’ is irrational, unsustainable and harmful to the interdependent ecology of life on earth

2. Multinational corporations are evading tax whilst the burden is put on the populace, however sovereign nations can literally create their own publicly operated central banks so that there is no need to pay interest (deficit) to the private banking families (which Hungary has already done and Iceland is following suit)

3. The free market has been hijacked by crony capitalism, ‘socialism for the rich’ and a fraudulent monetary system

4. The food we are being fed is laced with toxic and unhealthy chemicals and is causing widespread damage to our health

5. Industrial agriculture is killing natural systems, mostly because of its monoculture approach and its use of oil-based chemicals

6. The scientific establishment is riddled with dogma, especially because of its ‘unscientific’ bias for the debunked philosophy of ‘materialism’, and it has become a corporate institution which will generally fund research only if its for the benefit of making money

7. The education model completely misses life lessons around social, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual health, as well as indoctrinates our kids into robotic, ill-informed and status-maintaining mindsets

8. Mainstream society has been brainwashed into ‘believing’ the ‘official’ narratives spread by government and mainstream media and have also been conditioned with materialistic, individualistic and consumerist ideologies that have caused epidemics of community breakdown, ill-health, unhappiness and spiritual disconnection

9. Pharmaceutical giants have monopolized our medicine and have suppressed cures for many diseases, such as several natural remedies proven to eradicate cancer, and fail to provide true knowledge around preventing disease, such as proper diet and nutrition

10. Globalization is destroying our natural world and has disintegrated communities through the demise of their local economies, value systems, cultural self-respect and behavioral health

11. Alternative energy technologies have been suppressed, including free energy, so that current corporate structures have no competition to replace it with

12. The earth and her natural systems are being significantly degraded by human activity and we are in the midst of the sixth greatest extinction of life on earth

13. People across our globe, both in so-called developed and developing nations, are suffering needlessly due to systemically designed socioeconomic disadvantage

14. The wealth inequality gap is increasing at greater speed and the large majority of the wealth and resources of our planet are ‘owned’ by a select few

15. Many so-called conspiracy theories are actually based in evidence and truth

16. Our so-called leaders are not doing what’s best for us, they’re doing what’s best for their interests

A tip of the Tin Foil Hat to The Mind Unleashed for sharing this enlightening article.


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