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Good Question

I find this question relevant to my interest. Think about it: If Jesus were to actually come back, how would today’s conservatives react? By New Testament accounts, Jesus was about love, peace, and sharing. That is the complete opposite standard of the conservative cult of Trump, no matter how much they state that they really are compassionate caring individuals. Face it, if Jesus were alive today, he would be treated every bit as harsh by the Republicans, as he was treated by the Romans, as well as by the Hebrew hierarchy. Fox news would have a field day with it.

In addition, could you imagine if Jesus would be brown? He would be marginalized at best, probably labeled a terrorist, and most likely to be gunned down in the street because a cop thought his cross was a weapon. Way to go conservatives, you killed Jesus.


Oh yeah, here’s what spawned this line of thinking:

Rant over.


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