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Is Feminism Anti-Men?

A great read from In My Opinion. If you’re not reading it, please stop by this blog and check it out!


Is Feminism Pro-Women ? Or is it Anti-Men? Is Feminism against Men having any rights? Is Feminism only about Women wanting to become better than Men?

True Feminism is bringing Women up, it’s not about putting Men down! True Feminism cares about both Men and Women equally and asks society to treat them the same.

Feminism simply asks society to give Women the same rights,respect and privileges which Men have always had.

Feminism has nothing to do with trash talking Men or claiming Women are better than Men, there are plenty of Men out there who proudly wear the badge of being a Feminist(John Legend, Harry Styles and Chris Martin being some famous examples!) Yet there exists a huge movement which has always been critical  of Feminism, historically those opposed to Feminism were quite scared of Women voting or stepping out of their houses to work (or Women having…

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