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Happy Thanksgiving

May everyone have a safe and happy holiday tomorrow. Remember: Never dip your giblets into a fresh baked pie. That would be gross – and painful.

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  1. Sedate Me
    December 4, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    It’s been decades since I saw that episode, but I do vaguely remember that it was really, really, funny. I think it could be the best “holiday-themed” episode in TV sitcom history.

    But Thanksgiving??? That was back in October, man. Where it belongs. Putting Thanks Giving in November (so close to the greed festival that is Christmas) just destroys any shred of meaning the holiday has.


    • Sedate Me
      December 21, 2015 at 2:20 pm

      Having Thanksgiving so close to Christmas sucks in another way that I only just though of. (Thanks to the far-too-long space between your posted stories. Hint. Hint.)

      I just finished the last of my Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers from October. I can only imagine how sick & tired of turkey I’d be if Thanksgiving & Christmas were a little more than a month apart.

      I only buy turkey 2-3 times a year and consider it a real treat. However, if I had to muddle through that much turkey in such a short time frame…it would be like getting stuck in a turkey traffic jam!


      • December 21, 2015 at 3:30 pm

        I don’t care much for turkey myself. I’m more of a ham or roast beef for the holidays kind of guy. Lol


        • Sedate Me
          December 23, 2015 at 4:32 pm

          Well, enjoy your favourite holiday animal corpse while you still can. I just saw a British TV mini-series that was FAR more disturbing than it was meant to be. It was on the prices of food and why food is going up.

          As one not unconnected with farming & food, I already knew most of the contents. What I didn’t realize how fast the trends are happening. Included in the mix:

          1) US farm subsidies created artificially low prices for many grains. Along with increased crop yields, the overproduction made prices so cheap, grains could be put to new uses.

          a) Low prices for feed helped create a meat-based diet for all North Americans that couldn’t have been supported before. The inefficiency of turning grain calories to meat calories requires far more farmland at a time when Climate Change is starting to turn key farmland into deserts.

          b) Corn is in everything now, even car fuel. Meat based diets and “alternate uses” for grains are eating away at the cheapness subsidies created. Someday, America won’t be able to afford it anymore. (Two decades ago?)

          2) And the big one…China. Since China is taking all our jobs, they’re also adopting our toxic consumerist culture…including our eating habits. This BBC documentary had a wonderful scene where 4 generations of a Chinese family sat at a table and each member ate more meat in ONE meal than great grandpa would eat in a week. (And they’ve just turned the One Child Policy into a 2 Child Policy.)

          So, since food is a global market, it gravitates to the highest bidder. Since we’re up to 7 billion people now, add 1 billion bidders over 20 years ago. Now add 1 billion new bidders who couldn’t even bid before. The Chinese now have money & a Nouveau Riche sense of entitlement. (India’s 1 billion may soon follow and add another billion to the mix.)

          Not included in the show was the declining economic prospects of most North Americans…but add that in and the food auction ends like this….

          “And the meat goes to…..an ever shrinking percent of the North American population!”

          So eat up and enjoy your Holiday feasts…while you still can! 🙂


  2. Sedate Me
    December 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Another sign of the Apocalypse….

    I just saw a Jerry Springer episode where a guest was talking about hooking up with a guy at….the annual Turkey Drop!

    Yes, somewhere in Redneckville people are actually dropping live turkeys out of helicopters/planes and onto a field. Not just that, people are waiting down below to claim them. It’s basically a live(-ish) Turkey Scramble.

    As the guest said to a shocked Jerry…”Some sorta fly. Some go splat.”

    What may be even more enlightening as to America’s trajectory is that she said the event had just recently been unbanned.


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