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A Quick Question For Social Media

So where were all the Lebanese flag overlays when Beirut was attacked just a day prior to Paris?  Over 40 people died, and hundreds were injured from terrorist attacks around the city, just like Paris. Nary a word was mentioned, and there was no flurry of Lebanese flag overlays on profile pics anywhere. I guess it’s not as horrific when it’s brown people dying at the hands of brown people.

BTW, I’m pretty sure that all of the Americans so quick to blow shit up in defense of France, are the same people who ate freedom fries (remember those?) during the invasion of Iraq.

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  1. Sedate Me
    December 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    “Social Media” is yet another over-hyped piece of useless shit. I even hate the term “social media”. It’s a fucking digital water cooler where insignificant nobodies stand around and kill time by gossiping all day.

    The reality is that it’s just a bunch of bird brains tweeting their pre-programmed “thoughts” to other bird brains. Nothing of any significance results, other than the ability to pretend they’re part of “something really important”. #meaninglessposturing

    A lifetime of TV news has proven that nobody gives a fuck about…(if you’ll pardon the terminology used for illustrative purposes only) “sand niggers”. There is a clearly established hierarchy of human value in this world and the darker, poorer and further from America you get, the less value it has.

    And this attitude is what’s ultimately behind the facts-on-the-ground that these darker tinted folks are so unhappy about that they’re willing to strap on boomie-vests, or head-butt drones. We just don’t give a fuck about them. All they are is cannon fodder living on top of underground resources.


  2. May 15, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    It’s not to do with race. The Middle East has been full of violence and death for decades whereas France is a civilised democracy. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about that, I would just like to point out that there is no Muslim democracy (the vast majority of the Middle East being Muslim) and there never has been. So it’s not surprising when international social media which was invented in the West and has a largely Western focus, doesn’t react when a common place event like some more Arabs blowing some other Arabs up in an Arab country actually happens.


    • June 7, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      I get what you’re saying, and you’re not wrong. However, the fact that westerners routinely ignore violence in this region of the world, isn’t that about race?


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