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The Department of Defense Has Misplaced It’s Wallet, With $8.5 Trillion Inside of It.

This should be pictured as missing on milk cartons in the Pentagon cafeteria.

This should be pictured as missing on milk cartons in the Pentagon cafeteria.

I’m cruising the web yesterday, and I came across this little nugget. Reuters has undergone quite an extensive investigation into the Department of Defense, and has discovered that since 1996, approximately $8.5 Trillion dollars has gone unaccounted for. Where the hell is all that money? Did anybody check under Dick Cheney’s mattress? There have been 3 presidents since this money has started to disappear, and not one of them has so much as made a mention about an investigation. Of course who wants to bite the hand that feeds? The Pentagon may have “misplaced” this money, but they are still lining the pockets of anyone who happens to be in the business of doing business with the DoD.

The main issue is that the DoD has no accountability. In 1990, a federal law was passed mandating that every agency be audited. So far, the pentagon has done no such thing. They are to date, the only agency to not comply. Why would they? They are the biggest bully on the block. Compliance with federal standards is certainly way beneath them.

$8.5 Trillion could solve a lot of our countries problems right now. How many roads and bridges would that buy? How many new housing projects for the poor and homeless would be completed with this money? How many new college students might there be, with programs financed by this missing loot? I could go on and on about where this money could have been better spent. This is money that could have been spent in government programs that actually have transparency and accountability, not cloak and dagger incompetence.

I want to know where the fuck this money went, don’t you?

  1. August 23, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    I do! But pay no attention to the lost trillions of dollars…let’s just continue screaming about the small percentage of our budget which gets spent on welfare for the poorest among us.


    • August 23, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      I agree: It makes much more sense to worry about the trifles wasted on social programs, infrastructure, etc. They are so much more extravagant than money spent on defense, the war on drugs, closing our borders, etc! I swear, this country needs an enema!

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  2. Sedate Me
    August 23, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Yes, the gang that “needs” to know the contents of every e-mail I write and everything I masturbate to in order to “keep America safe” …well, they can evaporate trillions of dollars in complete privacy! And even if they get caught & exposed, I got a better chance of going to jail for it.

    This one reminds me of the old $20,000 wrench stories. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1985-08-04/news/8502200885_1_general-dynamics-wrench-pentagon-spending

    This money isn’t disappearing, it’s going exactly where it was always intended to go. It’s going into the pockets of the Military Industrial Spy Complex. It’s going into Black Ops projects that probably make the horrible shit we already know about look like Mr Rodgers shit. And it’s going to line the pockets of the individuals who make it all happen.

    For example, The Iran-Contra Affair.

    For those with a memory that doesn’t reach back into the 80’s, (Or, more accurately, surpass that of a goldfish) Ronnie Raygun & his boys decided to violate 2 of their own loudly proclaimed policies. They sold weapons to Public Enemy #2, Iran, and negotiated with Middle East hostage takers. Then they used the money from the arms sales to fund terrorists in Nicaragua. This was a clear violation of a recent US law designed to stop funding those Nicaraguan terrorists.

    Perhaps my favourite moment of Iran-Contra was when one of the criminal conspirators, Major General Richard Secord, defended his skimming of over $2 million of the arms sale profits. If I recall, he said something like “This is America, I have a right to earn a profit from my work”.


    • August 23, 2015 at 5:59 pm

      Oh yeah, I remember the Iran-Contra scandal very well. Most Republicans don’t remember, but I do. Reagan was horrible. His administration did the kind of damage to our country that terrorist can only dream about. In fact, I blame his administration for today’s modern terrorism. He enabled the Taliban, he supported Osama Bin Laden, and his band of merry terrorists, etc, etc. His administration pretty much killed off what was left that was right about this country. Talk about military boondoggles: He almost bankrupted our Social Security in order to finance his Star Wars defense fantasies. On the list of horrible presidents, he ranks right up there with Andrew Jackson, William McKinley, and Andrew Johnson. He was a horrible fucking president, surrounded by horrible fucking administrators and advisers. I mean c’mon: Nixon lackey Al Haig? Former CIA Director George H. W. Bush? Edwin Meese? Caspar Weinberger? James Watt? Worst. Administration. Ever.


      • Sedate Me
        August 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm

        Oh, he was really bad. But worse than George The Second??? I dunno. I guess it all depends on how you’re measuring it.

        I think Ronnie’s real damage was in the after-effect. He shifted the political dynamic and kick-started America on it’s unending slide rightward & downward. Without that trajectory change, America could have recovered and hopefully learned its lesson.

        To be fair, one thing Raygun got right, more or less, was ending the Cold War. (Or more accurately, allowing Gorbachov to end it.) Most surrounding him wanted him to grind the Soviets, worse than they Germany after WW1 and probably with even worse results. Some, (Haig I think), suggested he actually invade Soviet controlled countries, if not Moscow itself.


        • August 24, 2015 at 11:41 am

          If you ask me, this slide to the extreme right started in 1964, when LBJ demolished Barry Goldwater in the Presidential election. After that embarrassment, Goldwater was one of the leaders in the re-branding of the GOP, shifting further right than they already were. Starting with Nixon, the Republican party gradually started shifting from moderate to crazy conservative with each coming wave of legislators. Reagan was the prototype in my opinion.

          The reason I consider Reagan worse than Bush is that Bush seemingly used the Reagan administration as his blueprint. Reagan’s administration was every bit as bad as Bush’s, and he made all of the same mistakes first. Otherwise, their attempts at destroying this country are nearly identical.

          I can only think that if LBJ had run for a second term and won back in 1968, which would have been an iffy proposition, considering his involvement in Vietnam, the then called Moral Majority may have never gotten the opportunity to take over this country. Johnson was a very ambitious President for the most part when it came to civil rights and social programs. His down fall was Vietnam. It ruined his legacy, as well as the people’s trust in Democrats and authority in general. Johnson bowing out created a catastrophic void in leadership for the party. The next best thing the Democrats had to offer was George Wallace, and who the fuck wanted that racist prick in office?

          It was the perfect chance for the GOP to get their hooks in our country, which is precisely what they did with Nixon.He essentially ran on the platform that he was going to restore law and order, and take the good old US of A back to the good old days. Sound familiar?


  3. Sedate Me
    August 24, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Ah, so you’re your factoring in aftereffect, not just what occurred during their reigns. You’re probably right, but there’s one thing to keep in mind. George W has only had 7 years of aftereffect. Ronnie had 20 post-administration years of influence by the time Bush left office. So we need another 13 before we can make the final call. And Democrats, surrender-monkeys that they are now, have done jack shit to counteract what Bush2 did, so his damage will go largely unchecked.

    Just look at The War On Terra alone. It’ll still be going on in 13 years time and impoverishing the nation. Who knows how bad shit will get by then? (FEMA camps? Domestic drone strikes? Computer chips in people’s heads? Actual terror from actual terrorists? I can’t rule anything out.)

    One big difference is that W. isn’t worshipped by his former fans the way Raygun is (They conveniently misrepresent parts of Ronnie’s record.) The main reason they worship him is, like Moses, he led his tribe of Goldwater-esque crackpot losers out of the desert and into power & legitimacy. Bush was merely just the next guy in the succession, so few would ever see him as inspirational anyway.

    The next best thing the Democrats had to offer was George Wallace, and who the fuck wanted that racist prick in office?

    Quite a few did. Just under 10 million voters (13.5% ) voted for this 3rd party candidate. He was polling at 21% in Sept, until making the mistake of picking controversial Curtis Lemay as VP. But Wallace WON the States of Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, 1 delegate’s worth of North Carolina and finished a very close 2nd in 3 States. This will certainly remain the best showing of a 3rd party candidate since the solidification of the 2 party system. Check out this map.

    Even though he lost, his influence was huge. Wallace’s success confirmed the ideas behind Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”. If a piddling Independent can win entire states, then the Republican machine can do far better. So, the move was on to declare the Republicans the future home of the racist Southern Democrat, a strategy that lives on today.

    But not only that, Wallace did well among young males and some Northern Blue Collar workers who were traditionally Democratic voters…Hey, that last part reminds me of…REAGAN DEMOCRATS!


    • August 24, 2015 at 3:20 pm

      Yeah, it dawned on me when I was talking about the lack of Democratic leadership back then, I should have been talking about Hubert Humphrey. I lost track of the fact that Wallace went third party. You’re spot on about Wallace’s influence on future elections. Kudos 🙂


      • Sedate Me
        August 24, 2015 at 5:49 pm

        I think my attempt to re-post the 68 election result link from the above comment… is in your spam bin….(2 links in one post?) The maps are pretty compelling.


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