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Another Week, Another Mass Shooting.

Gov. Bobby Jindal:

Gov. Bobby Jindal: “We never imaged this would happen in Louisiana.”

Considering the fact that Louisiana has probably the most pro-gun laws in the country, it’s no wonder that the state leads the country in gun related deaths. How could Bobby Jindal not see this coming? Currently, there isn’t much information on the shooter, John Houser, other than he was 59 years old, was estranged from his family,was a member of the Tea Party, and had a very old criminal history. Oh, he was also denied a gun permit in Alabama back in 2006. Wait, what? He was denied a gun permit in Alabama of all places, but still managed to get a gun in Louisiana?  The fact that a person can be denied a gun permit in one state, and simply cross the border to another state to buy a gun is why we need stringent, federal gun laws. If we had them in place already, there might not be a shot up theater in Lafayette, Louisiana this morning. Or dead marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or dead church goers in Charleston, South Carolina, or dead – Oh hell, you get my point. Lather. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s a never ending cycle of gun violence. While we can continue to try and analyze the who and the why, we could at least come to our senses and address the how.

No, I’m not saying abolish the 2nd Amendment. I’m not saying ban all guns. I’ve owned guns, and I’ve shot guns. I enjoyed it, I’ll admit that. Of course, here’s the rub on my personal experience with guns. I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder. I have been documented with suicidal and psychotic tendencies. Here in Kentucky, I was able to acquire a gun with no background or medical check what so ever. That’s right, a man with some severe mental disorders was able to get a gun with little to no effort. Sound familiar?  The whole concept of being able to walk in and buy any gun your heart desires without so much as a background check sounds crazy, even to a person who has literally been diagnosed as crazy. Face it, our priorities are fucked up, and that’s why this shit keeps happening. We need to address our gun problem head on, and we need to do it now.

Or we can behave like Governor Bobby Jindal: Keep pretending that all Americans have the undeniable right to any and all firearms, then continue to wonder why countless, innocent lives are lost because they committed the crime of being at the wrong end of a gun barrel. We still have prayer though! That’s the stock answer to every tragedy, right?

Update: More information is coming in about John Houser. Surprise surprise! He’s another gun toting, Obama hating, white supremacist.

  1. Sedate Me
    July 24, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder. I have been documented with suicidal and psychotic tendencies.

    Shit, if you’re not suicidal in the year 2015, you probably deserve a bullet in the head.

    But this is a MAJOR part of the gun problem. Every single crazy person in America has an arsenal of weapons. It’s like carrying around gasoline and lighters all the time. Eventually, the 2 will come into contact….& boom! How much more obvious could it get? Nope, legislatures are passing laws allowing guns in bars. No, nothing could go wrong there! You can’t drink & drive, but drinking & shooting isn’t dangerous.

    But it’s also why it’s so hard to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. Every time somebody even whispers about strengthening just the mental health disqualifications, crazy motherfuckers from all over America tele-port to the nearest legislature and start waving their weapons in everyone’s faces. It’s quite literally the people who should be disqualified due to mental illness that are driving all the inaction.

    In a Groucho Marx kind of way, I personally consider the mere desire to own a handgun, or assault rifle, more than enough to disqualify a person from gun ownership on the basis of mental illness.


    • July 24, 2015 at 5:10 pm

      Good points. If you think that the solution to gun violence is more guns, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. There is no good reason in the world for the average Joe Bago’Donuts to own an assault rifle, nor a hand cannon. These types of people need counseling, not weapons!


  2. Sedate Me
    July 25, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    Maybe we could start a Mass Shooting Pool. You could get points for predicting what state, what location (school, army base), description of shooter (patriot, “radical Muslim”, disgruntled husband) description of victims (military, kids, black churchgoers) type of gun, etc.

    It’s not like anyone is going to do anything to keep these shootings, or their lethality, from increasing. So, we might as well figure out a way to wring some dark humour out them. If you can’t laugh, what can you do?


    • Sedate Me
      August 2, 2015 at 2:00 pm

      For example: This week’s mass shooter is Colonel Mustard. He did it in an Arizona school library with the AK47.

      So, if somebody had chosen:

      Shooter: Military personnel = X points
      State: Michigan = no points
      Location: School = X points
      Victim: Students = X points times number
      Gun: AR15 = no points


      Shooter: Radical Muslim = no points
      State: Texas = no points
      Location: Library = X points
      Victim: Sexy librarians = X points times number
      Gun: AK 47 = X points
      Number of rounds fired: 679 = extra bonus

      (I am one twisted fucker -eh?)


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