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Almost 15 Years Later: Drug Testing Costs More Than It Saves.

How else am I going to weed out the 2.6% of you drug abusing low lifes?

How else am I going to weed out the 2.6% of you drug abusing low lifes?

First and foremost, drug screening is a scam. It’s a scam designed to create paranoia that drug abuse is rampant everywhere. Be it in the home, or in the workplace, there are drug abusers, drug abusers everywhere! According to the companies that sell drug testing kits and perform the tests, drug abusers are worse than all of the socialists and muslims combined. Why is that? Well, when you consider that each kit roughly cost $30, not including all of the administration and lab work costs, why wouldn’t you try to profit from the very paranoia that you’ve created? Want to know why all 50 states do not require drug screens for government assistance applicants? Because it’s not cost effective.

In Florida, one such state that did require drug screening for assistance applicants before the law was struck down. It was reported that in a four month period in 2011, $118.000 was spent on drug testing kits alone. out of a little over 4000 applicants, 188 were caught, roughly 2.6%. This is about half of what the state would have spent if they had merely allowed those 2.6% to get benefits. The drug kits actually cost the state $45,000, not counting administrative cost and lab fees. I’m sure that money could have been spent more effectively on, I don’t know, maybe job training or something along those lines?

Speaking of job training, drug screening in the work place is even more expensive: When I was an administrator, it was my job to screen my current and prospective drivers. The cost of a 5 panel screen was roughly $100.00 at my then employer’s expense. How many people failed in the 7 years I worked there? 1 person failed the test. 1 out of over 100’s of test issued during that time. Still think testing makes sense? If you do, it’s either because you fail to see reasoning, or you work for a drug testing company.

Going back to my first point, drug testing is just one giant unprofitable boondoggle. Unprofitable that is, to employers, as well as state and federal governments. However, if you’re one such lucky corporation that sells the kits and charge for lab work, then drug testing is awesome. You’re making money faster than a war time Dick Cheney. You are to the war on drugs what Halliburton is to the war on terrorism. Congratulations, enjoy you’re money. Or go fuck yourself. I really don’t care.

Want to save money? How about drug screening corporate leaders and politicians. I’m pretty sure if George W. Bush had been tested we would have saved billions of dollars and countless lives in doing so. The man was having visions of god while he was in the oval office. He was either mentally ill, or on some really powerful hallucinogens. Think about it, they’re the ones who can afford the good drugs that are guaranteed to fuck your world up. They’re the ones who can do it consistently. They are problem, not the 2.6% of the poor people who would rather get high than eat. When given a choice, over 90% percent of the population choose the necessities of life over drugs. The rich have to make no such choice. Hmmmm, that explains a lot, at least to me it does. It’s not the drugs that are ruining our world, it’s money. Maybe we should test for money addiction instead of Marijuana.

I’m just saying.

  1. Sedate Me
    July 21, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    Right on, man! Among other things, drug testing is just a big fucking scam to make money off of paranoid, control-freak, company owners & governments.

    Increasingly, the Ruling Class takes their name to heart. They want more & more control over their employees slaves. They want to control what they can do/say at work and even at home. Drug testing is but one front. (cameras, on-line tracking, GPS tracking, private dicks, etc) They increasingly think they don’t just pay you, they purchase you.

    And where’s the evidence of a problem? Where are, not just the levels of use, but the workplace consequences of it? Where are all the stoned workers sticking their arms in wood chippers? Where are the defective products made by people who smoked dope the weekend before? If drug use among Welfare recipients is no higher than the average population (as you might legitimately expect it to be) why would it ever be higher among folks with jobs…especially among jobs that could be compromised by drug use. As opposed to…well…damn near any service sector job today. You just can’t do most of those jobs WITHOUT being high.

    If anything, I think people with serious drug & alcohol problems tend to “self-select”. The very nature of addiction has an isolating effect on the addict. They lose their jobs all on their own. (Lateness, absence, misbehaviour, etc) If their job performance actually matters to their job, they’ll probably be gone soon enough.

    I’m more of the Affair Theory mindset. That is to say, the person constantly accusing their partner of cheating is usually the one cheating. I’m willing to bet that upper management & owners would have at least as much tainted piss as their employees do. Yet oddly, they don’t have to pee in cups. If they did, I bet drug testing would rapidly decline.

    But what happens after you pee tests positive? That matters more than the test result itself. Who gets to know? What actions are taken? Do you get paid help? Or are you just fired, forgotten & replaced by the next user?


    • July 21, 2015 at 2:29 pm

      It’s my experience that you’re fired and forgotten. At least that’s what happened to all two of the people who tested positive in my 27 years as a transportation director. Services were offered, but at the former employees expense. Thing is, these tests can be easily beat them. I used to beat them easily!


  2. Sedate Me
    July 21, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    Given the graphic, you might also dig this link.



    • July 22, 2015 at 1:35 pm

      “The most important thing in life was life itself, and life is rain. The reasoning is simple. Rain begets vegetation on the earth as spermatozoa beget offspring in the womb. God, the Creator, the source of rain, must therefore be the sperm of creation and the heavenly penis from which it spills. The storm is the orgasm of God. The drops of rain are the ‘words’ of God. Earth is the womb of creation.”

      I can see how this pertains to my post: This guy was definitely on some good drugs when he wrote this particular metaphor. ROFL!


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