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The Tin Foil Hat Manifesto (From The Mind Unleashed)

The other day my wife came across this article, Information That We Need To Wake The F**k Up. I think it serves as the perfect manifesto for those of us who believe that the world is indeed under attack from the top 1%. I published part of the article here, but you really should click on the hyperlink to read the full article. It will blow your mind a little bit.

1. The economic principle of ‘growth’ is irrational, unsustainable and harmful to the interdependent ecology of life on earth

2. Multinational corporations are evading tax whilst the burden is put on the populace, however sovereign nations can literally create their own publicly operated central banks so that there is no need to pay interest (deficit) to the private banking families (which Hungary has already done and Iceland is following suit)

3. The free market has been hijacked by crony capitalism, ‘socialism for the rich’ and a fraudulent monetary system

4. The food we are being fed is laced with toxic and unhealthy chemicals and is causing widespread damage to our health

5. Industrial agriculture is killing natural systems, mostly because of its monoculture approach and its use of oil-based chemicals

6. The scientific establishment is riddled with dogma, especially because of its ‘unscientific’ bias for the debunked philosophy of ‘materialism’, and it has become a corporate institution which will generally fund research only if its for the benefit of making money

7. The education model completely misses life lessons around social, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual health, as well as indoctrinates our kids into robotic, ill-informed and status-maintaining mindsets

8. Mainstream society has been brainwashed into ‘believing’ the ‘official’ narratives spread by government and mainstream media and have also been conditioned with materialistic, individualistic and consumerist ideologies that have caused epidemics of community breakdown, ill-health, unhappiness and spiritual disconnection

9. Pharmaceutical giants have monopolized our medicine and have suppressed cures for many diseases, such as several natural remedies proven to eradicate cancer, and fail to provide true knowledge around preventing disease, such as proper diet and nutrition

10. Globalization is destroying our natural world and has disintegrated communities through the demise of their local economies, value systems, cultural self-respect and behavioral health

11. Alternative energy technologies have been suppressed, including free energy, so that current corporate structures have no competition to replace it with

12. The earth and her natural systems are being significantly degraded by human activity and we are in the midst of the sixth greatest extinction of life on earth

13. People across our globe, both in so-called developed and developing nations, are suffering needlessly due to systemically designed socioeconomic disadvantage

14. The wealth inequality gap is increasing at greater speed and the large majority of the wealth and resources of our planet are ‘owned’ by a select few

15. Many so-called conspiracy theories are actually based in evidence and truth

16. Our so-called leaders are not doing what’s best for us, they’re doing what’s best for their interests

A tip of the Tin Foil Hat to The Mind Unleashed for sharing this enlightening article.

  1. Sedate Me
    July 16, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    17) The Powers That Be have intentionally kept toxic chemicals in paint (& wood stains) for decades after they realized the damage they cause to the human brain, and decades after safer alternatives were available. That’s because they want us all to fuck up our minds with toxic shit, so we cant form coherent thoughts.


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