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Shows I’m Currently Binge Watching

You know what I love about streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu? Binge watching. My wife and I have a lot of free time, since we are both financially and physically limited. As a result, we watch a lot of tv. Here are some series that we are currently devouring, several delicious episodes at a time.

Orange is The New Black. (Netflix) If you liked the series Weeds before creator Jenji Kohan destroyed it, you’ll love this series. I have to warn you, it’s an acquired taste. We watched the first few episodes when the series first premiered, and didn’t think much of it. However, we recently came back to it, and are really enjoying it. I can only hope that it doesn’t get Jenjied, like her first series did.

NCIS – (Netflix) Until last week, I hadn’t seen a single episode of this show. It’s been on, what, 11 years? The plot lines are pretty interesting.The dialogue is snappy, and both my wife and I think this person is totally hot!

We love us some Abby!

We love us some Abby!

CSI (Netflix) – I Watched a lot of CSI during the William Peterson years, not so much with Laurence Fishburne and Ted Danson. My wife had watched very little of CSI, so we’re revisiting.

Melissa and Joey (Netflix) – Yes, Melissa and fucking Joey. It’s actually very funny. I never thought ABC Family would be a source for my entertainment, but there are some very good shows on their network. Don’t judge me.

The IT Crowd (Netflix) – Featuring Chris O’Dowd, this is one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a while. I wish they had made more than 4 seasons. I also wish there were more than 6 episodes per season. British tv schedules are so fucked up.

Dragonball (Hulu) –  I can’t tell you how happy I was to find Dragonball and Dragonball Z on Hulu. I remembering watching some of both series with my son back in the 90’s. However, back then they were heavily edited and dubbed in order to be deemed fit for American consumption. It’s Japanese anime, and like most Japanese tv, the show doesn’t have much of a filter. If anybody reading this (all two of you) decides to give it a go, watch it with subtitles. You won’t be sorry.

Two Shows We Haven’t Been Binge Watching, But You May Want To.

We’ve been watching Hannibal and Penny Dreadful since both series debuted. If you haven’t watched either show by now, I encourage you to start binge watching Asap. They are both quite brilliant. Frankly, I’ll take Mads Mikkelson over Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector any day of the week. Hopkins was amazing as Hannibal, but Mads Mikkelson simply takes the character to the next level. Both shows are a must on any binge watchers play list.

So what if anything, are you binge watching?

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  1. Sedate Me
    July 9, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    ” I never thought ABC Family would be a source for my entertainment, but there are some very good shows on their network. Don’t judge me.”

    Sorry pal. Judging people is about the closest I come to experiencing “joy” in life. Don’t you dare try to take that from me! So, I’m firing up The Boiler Of Judgment

    I watch far more TV than is healthy for me. I’ve gone through 5 DVRs in the last 4 years. But oddly enough, my 30+ year old VCR just keeps chugging right along! Even when the house got hit by lightning, all it needed was a $1 fuse/switch. (I’m as analogue as I can get.)

    Anyway, there’s more TV shows than ever before and a few of them are actually not half bad. Unfortunately, in order to find something good, you have to wade through 500 channels of horrible shit that watching is akin to pouring sulphuric acid on your eyeballs. From a couple on your list, it sounds like you’re not above doing just that. 😉

    It’s worth noting that I don’t trust Netflix at, or any of these stand-alone services. I’m sure they work with the NSA to build psychological profiles on viewers. At the very least, history will show that they’re doing a Wal-mart move. They stroll into town, sell products at big losses until they bankrupt all existing competition. Then they jack up prices as high as they want because people no longer have the choices they used to have. Mark my words. These guys are like drug dealers handing out “free samples” to get people hooked aka “binge watching”. We’ll all pay for it in the end. We’ll all wind up captive to one “pay to see” network/provider.

    Orange Is The New Black Since The Powers That Be are doing their best to mimic Stalin’s approach to civil liberties, a prison show seems increasingly valid (See: OZ) Unfortunately, because this is only available on Nutflix, I can’t comment on it. I’ll probably watch it, if it ever comes to real TV. (See above paragraph.)

    CSI & NCIS You actually PAY to watch that on Nutflix when you can just turn on your TV anytime of the day and see an episode? On bunny ears even? Dude, I thought I had a “problem” with my TV use!

    Melissa & Joey??? Just the name ALONE virtually guarantees I would never watch it. I figure it would make Joanie Loves Chachi look like Masterpiece Theatre.

    The IT Crowd I watched every episode of this silly little Brit-com, when it originally aired on Canuckistan basic cable. For a show about technology workers, it sure had the feel of a 70’s Britcom. Some of it’s really funny, other bits not so much. Something to watch while high. (Note: The lead actress is currently on AMC’s brand new, thought-provoking, ultra-creepy, Humans which is a re-make of a Scandinavian show about robots.)

    Hannibal It’s shot in Canuckistan, so I’ve been to a couple of places featured in it. When I first heard it was coming, I thought “Oh no. This is going to be a cheezy exploitation spinoff and there’s already more than enough blood & gore on TV.”

    Then I tasted it. (haha!) It’s the exact opposite of what I expected. It’s thoughtful, deliberate complicated & fascinating…and the best-shot show on network TV. Mads Mikkleson is perfect. You totally buy him as a sophisticated killer.

    And the gore? It’s not “heroic” or exploitative at all. Actually, it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. I usually watch it before bedtime and imagine doing what Hannibal does; munching on the deliciously prepared flesh of my enemies and listening to beautiful classical music. Puts me to sleep like a baby.


    • July 9, 2015 at 4:40 pm

      “it’s worth noting that I don’t trust Netflix at, or any of these stand-alone services. I’m sure they work with the NSA to build psychological profiles on viewers. At the very least, history will show that they’re doing a Wal-mart move. They stroll into town, sell products at big losses until they bankrupt all existing competition. Then they jack up prices as high as they want because people no longer have the choices they used to have. Mark my words. These guys are like drug dealers handing out “free samples” to get people hooked aka “binge watching”. We’ll all pay for it in the end. We’ll all wind up captive to one “pay to see” network/provider. ”

      That’s how I feel about cable. I can pay for Netflix and Hulu, and spend a hell of a lot less than what cable or satellite charges, and still see the majority of the shows that we like. We cancelled our cable a few months ago, and I don’t really miss it.

      I totally get what you’re talking about with Hannibal. I’m really going to miss that show when it’s gone.


      • Sedate Me
        July 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

        (Oh great another ridiculously long, off-topic, rant from my know-it-all self. Hey, I’m a little “backed-up” after so long.)

        I feel the same way about Nutflix & Scruhoolu as I did cable TV and the creation of the 500 channel universe. I liked the concept, but later realized I’d been baited & switched. While chasing after quality, niche-market, stuff I wanted, I wound up paying 10-20 times more for channels that eventually wound up showing the same kind of stupid, mass-market, bullshit I can see for free on bunny ears. (See: A&E, TLC, Discovery, etc, etc) Most of it’s actually worse.

        Yes, cable companies are MAJOR pricks. Like with drugs or oil, they’re dealers of a highly addictive product and know we’re their hostages. I still haven’t dropped the channels I no longer watch because it would take 12 hours on hold and a big fee to cancel.

        But to call them “cable companies” is now a misnomer. That’s because, in order to “generate competition” (hahaha!), so-called “regulators” have knocked down barriers and created Big Media. In Canuckistan, ALL forms of media (print, radio, tv ,cable, phone, satellite & internet providers) have consolidated to the point where 5 companies own every single communication method, every single outlet & all the content on it. Curiously, in this “competitive marketplace”, prices for every form of media are almost identically overpriced. It’s as if they conspire. 😉

        Here’s how “competition” works. The government announces there will be new channels/phone frequencies/etc. Big Media gets handed the vast majority of it. Crumbs are given to others just to “prove” the government wants competition. But because they’re small fish in a big ocean, they can’t compete. Should any company actually survive, Big Media sends their board members manila envelopes stuffed with cash and then a merger is announced. Huzzah for capitalism!

        These new on-demand/streaming service providers are just tomorrow’s cable companies. Assuming they aren’t already. In Canuckistan, all the Big Media boys own their own “stand alone” services. They give them a cute name (CraveTV Shomi), pretend they have nothing to do with the parent company and then use their “synergy” to hype the bejeezus out of them. Their TV channels air more ads for their services than for Big Pharma. You even see newspaper articles featuring the TV shows available only to subscribers. (Curiously, all shows are rated 10 out of 10, so they must be worth paying for!) Big Canuck Media obviously sees an on-demand future that they control. And they will. Because, in modern capitalism, competition is only a temporary thing.

        The only glitch is American owned Internet companies. But they’ll be shut down one way
        (Hulu content providers’ contracts with Big Media)
        or another (Regulator lap dogs)
        Worse case, the Media Godfathers have to give them “an offer they can’t refuse” where get “points” kicked up.

        Whatever the route to it, my biggest fear (aka most likely outcome) is that we’re going to wind up with jukebox TV. We wind up paying for every episode of every show, yet still get to watch ads…and probably ones you can’t fast forward. My “local” cable company is experimenting with something like that now.

        It’s almost enough to make me throw out my cable & Internet and go back to bunny ears & my VCR. Seriously. Digital Aerial is good and if broadcast networks keep airing stuff like Hannibal…I just might.


      • Sedate Me
        July 10, 2015 at 4:04 pm

        Saw Hannibal late last night. Great stuff. Faces merging, slo-mo blood droplets at the dinner table. Hand saws cutting open skulls..all set to wonderful music and beautiful sets & scenery….Gillian Anderson’s plunging necklines…er…where was I?

        Unfortunately, I expect the show is nearing its own “dinner table scene”. That, or the the network will force it to “jump the shark” at gunpoint. Either way, expect lots of artsie bloodletting!


        • July 11, 2015 at 10:58 am

          I watched it yesterday. It was brilliant as always. I doubt that it will jump the shark. Hell, the network canceled the series, so unless there is some sort of miracle, we’re coming down to the last 4 episodes. Booo!


          • Sedate Me
            July 11, 2015 at 4:24 pm

            Cancelled -eh? Shit. Well, at least it will go out on top. I just hope they got to make a “final episode”.

            Then again, I’m actually shocked Hannibal got a second season. Hell, I’m stunned NBC actually aired it at all after screening the pilot. Thankfully, NBC was so desperate for anything positive, they said “yes” anyway.

            Networks generally green-light more interesting shit when nothing else is working and nobody is watching.


            • July 11, 2015 at 6:19 pm

              I doubt that there will be some series ending episode that ties up any loose ends. The show’s creator is shopping it to any and all outlets, such as Netflix and Amazon, desperately hoping that somebody will pick the show up. Hannibal is indeed one of those shows that is so stunning, that networks will give it a little extra time to catch on. I think it may have fared better if it was on another network such as FX, or AMC though. I mean hell, Mad Men ran for how long now? If you ask me, that show was nothing more than boring ass flotsum that never should have seen the light of day!


              • Sedate Me
                July 17, 2015 at 3:49 pm

                Thanks to some very toxic paint fumes, I wrote a MASSIVE tirade defending Mad Men…But since the painter stopped painting at noon today, my head is clearing to the point where I’m hesitating in posting it.

                But suffice to say, you are SOOOO wrong!

                Boring? Maybe on the surface. But these still waters ran FAR deeper than even many fans realize. Everybody focused on the dramatic “soap opera” elements (ironically invented by real Mad Men) and all the groovy old cars, clothes, appliances & whatnot. I got caught up in that too.

                But after watching some of it again in re-runs, I appreciate it more. Specifically, the theme of how vital mental manipulation is to our modern, consumer-capitalist, society became clearer. So too was the related theme of “normal”; how “normal” is created and sold to people. How, we’re really just passengers in our own lives, yet think we’re the conductors.

                But as a History Major, I’m stunned you didn’t like it. Mad Men was history as it was, not like people try to pretend it was. The “normality” of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc even among civilized, liberal, New Yorkers. They didn’t sugar coat anything.

                Watch it again, or I’m ratting you out to all your old History profs. 😉

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                • July 17, 2015 at 4:37 pm

                  LOL, I do watch a lot of historical fiction and non fiction series and movies.That’s why I started watching Mad Men to begin with. However, I could not get into it. Maybe some day I’ll try again. Besides, I’m watching Masters of Sex, and that’s in the same time frame, is it not?


                  • Sedate Me
                    July 18, 2015 at 4:04 pm

                    Masters of Sex is pretty much the same time period, although they skip past several years. But you aren’t fooling anybody! You ain’t watchin’ it for “historical” or “scientific” purposes.

                    I like it, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Mad Men. Take out the sex and it’s far more “boring” and the dialogue isn’t half as good.

                    I also wasn’t sure about Mad Men at the start. Then I caught on. (To condense my (paint fume fuelled un-posted comment:)

                    You should watch Mad Men the same way you watch Hannibal; alone, late at night, and with a drink in your hand (Hint: the show’s logo). Drink that puppy in with an ironic smirk.

                    See the ad agency as a Hannibal-esque psychopath hiding in plain site. See it fuck with people’s heads and turn them into puppets. Watching them work is like watching Hannibal at his office, or in his kitchen.

                    See how easily most people conform to “societal norms”, even ones they despise. Notice how quickly the norms change and how fast people adopt them, as if the old standards never existed. Because they didn’t.

                    The show’s characters change over time, often without realizing they’ve been changed, even though they themselves manipulate others for a living. Puppets operating puppets who don’t think they’re puppets.

                    See how important historical shit does, or doesn’t, influence them & why. See how changes in technology make some employees instantly evaporate (phone operators, elevator operators, typists) and how everything just moves along as if they never existed. Because they didn’t.

                    “The reason you haven’t felt (love) is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.” -Don Draper in Episode 1

                    (P.S. And just talking about Mad Men will boost your web-traffic. You’re welcome.)

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      • Sedate Me
        July 16, 2015 at 2:06 pm

        Here. This is how you beat those greasy cable/satellite TV bastards. Actually, you can even make a few bucks doing it.

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  2. Sedate Me
    July 20, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    Hannibal – I watched the most recent episode of Hannibal last night (Title suggestion: Squeal Like A Pig!) Then I flipped through the dial and accidentally stumbled across the reason that damn show appeals to me so much. I just CAN’T believe how long it’s taken me to realize it. I must be really slippin’ in my old age!!!

    Sure, it’s a dark, cold, “emotionless”, show shot in a dark, cold, emotionless, place (Canuckistan in the winter). That’s good enough. But it’s the stylistic parallel to the first film I saw as a young malchick that blew my gulliver to bits. Hannibal uses a similar combination of ultra-violence set to beautiful classical music that gives me the same warm & fuzzies that this masterpiece did. Viddy well and may Bog bless!

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