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WTF? The Mid-Term Elections And Where Things May Have Gone Wrong.

I Vomited

First, all three of my followers have probably been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been around, but I haven’t been writing – at all. For those of you who have been following my blog for any time at all, you know that I like to write angry. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t been angry for a long time. I can’t explain why: There has been plenty to infuriate me. There just hasn’t been enough to motivate me to write. Well now, I’m pissed. In fact, one week after the mid-term elections, I’m mega pissed. With several seats in the House, Senate, and Gubernatorial offices coming up for grabs, the Democrats had a golden opportunity to take back the country. That didn’t happen. In fact, the Democrats lost the Senate, as well as many Gubernatorial elections, and it was our own fault. I’m infuriated.

Why was this mid-term such a Conservative blood bath? Liberals have been eye balling this election for a few years now. It was the end all – be all of mid terms. The GOP/ Tea Party was supposedly on the way out. The people had ostensibly enough of their elitist, racist shenanigans. The country seemed to be steering back to the center at the very least, and even a little to the left. It was a huge chance to drive back the crazy. One word comes to mind to describe this election: Apathy. This election had the lowest voter turnout in decades. Seemingly, most of these non-voters are Democrats, and I have an idea why.

Back in 2000, Al Gore “lost” the Presidential election to George Bush. Yes we can debate that he actually won, that he was fucked out of office by a corrupt voting process in Florida, and an even more corrupt Supreme Court. However, Gore could have won by a land slide. If that is, he hadn’t chosen to disassociate himself from out going President Bill Clinton, who was one of the most popular Presidents of all time. He distanced himself from Clinton, and in turn lost the liberal momentum that Clinton had fostered. The Democratic turn out was low, and Gore lost the election. Much the same happened this election: Candidates chose to disassociate from Obama, and in turn failed to generate the energy needed to draw a large turn out. The GOP in turn, attacked any and all associations with Obama, and generated a huge conservative turn out at the polls. Game over, the Republicans are now in full control.

For example, here in Kentucky, there was a heated campaign with Allison Grimes challenging Mitch McConnell for his long held Senatorial seat. If there was any time to get rid of this Koch sucker, it was now. However, while McConnell went on a huge smear campaign against Obama and his policies, Grimes back pedaled on her liberal associations, even going so far as to not even admitting that she voted for Obama. She made herself out to be a moderate Republican. The race was over a half hour after the polls closed. Grimes was out, McConnell was back in. The Democratic voters, not enthused nor energized the way they had been during Obama’s two campaigns, couldn’t be bothered to come out and vote.

Shame on the Democrats for their defensive lackadaisical campaigns. Go on the aggressive, and things may have turned out differently last Tuesday. Push to get out the vote, and many of us may not be worried, no terrified of where this country is headed. Align yourself with Obama, one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had, and you might have found yourself either re-elected, or elected for the first time. Shame on you. You had a chance and you all failed- miserably.

Shame on the voters for not voting. This was our chance to enact change. Come out to vote, and the Tea Baggers may have been struck their final death blow. Now, they’re stronger than ever. Don’t even think about bitching about what’s about to come: Ya’ll brought it on yourselves. I voted, I did my civic duty. Christ, my partner who was experiencing the perfect storm of chronic health related issues, came out in her wheel chair to vote. I’m proud of her. The rest of us? Not so much. The country was finally ready to set things right, to halt the landslide of the extreme right invasion. All we had to do was vote. We had one job, and we failed horribly.

This my friends, is why I’m so pissed.

  1. November 13, 2014 at 6:30 am

    I never ever understand people who says voting never matters! This is the reason why we have a Swedish racist party being 3rd biggest because of people’s apathy to actually go out and vote. I’m still upset at that. I live abroad but I still vote for the swedish elections since yes it does make a difference. As for the American elections, I watch it and its a shame to see such a big non turnout for voting. Hopefully it will change.


    • November 13, 2014 at 10:14 am

      It is a shame. It wasn’t that long ago that the only ones allowed to vote in this country were land owning white males. A lot of blood and tears were shed over the last century and a half to include everyone. I think it’s atrocious that most people don’t understand what a privilege and duty voting really is.


      • Sedate Me
        November 19, 2014 at 3:57 pm

        It wasn’t that long ago that the only ones allowed to vote in this country were land owning white males.”

        Yeah, way back in the year 2014, if I’m not mistaken.

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        • November 20, 2014 at 1:07 pm

          Yeah, no kidding. Many of the state’s new voter registration laws are so restrictive, they remind me of the Jim Crow south. It’s just another way for the GOP to gain and retain even more control.


          • Sedate Me
            November 20, 2014 at 4:01 pm

            It’s also the reasoning behind denying convicted criminals their right to vote. Somewhere between 33-50% of all black males wind up in jail at some point and it’s probably not much better for Hispanics. So what safer way of keeping the darker tinted folks out of the voting booth is there? Plus you also get to look “tough on crime”.

            I mean, it’s not as if a single criminal has ever decided not to commit a crime because they would lose their right to vote.

            Or, as this douche says, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GBAsFwPglw


  2. Sedate Me
    November 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Oddly enough, while I’m not happy about it, I’m not all that worked up about this so-called “Republican landslide”.

    First of all, it’s not a landslide. Of all the (what was it 400+?) seats up for grabs, about 20 switched parties? Calling this a “landslide” just demonstrates what’s wrong with American democracy: media sensationalism & horse race-ism, the complete lack of voter choice, disillusionment with both parties and, of course, essentially pre-determined election outcomes & paralyzing gridlock.

    The Republicans already had complete control of The House. A few extra gerrymandered seats aren’t going to change anything there. The Republicans already controlled what could/couldn’t happen in the Senate. But with less than 60 Republican seats, the only thing that’s changed there is that they will have a REAL Senate majority, not just a paper-filibuster one.

    Aside from Presidential appointments, the only thing to worry about is what the Pussycrats are going to do. Are they going to fight? Are those Senators going to filibuster back? Or are they going to roll over and take it up the ass like they normally do? Is President Surrender-monkey going to use his Veto, or is he going to break out the anal lube for everything except to protect his lone claim to fame, Obamacare?

    The Pussycrats being pussies is the only thing to really worry about for the next 2 years. More Republicans will die between now & the next election and more Democrats will get off their lazy asses next time. So it will swing back to where it was soon enough…not that it was anything better than shitty. It was just further away from “worse case” than now.

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    • November 21, 2014 at 12:37 pm

      Seeing as our system of government was designed to protect the rich, I guess it really doesn’t matter who is in control. The two party system is a joke. No matter who is in charge, the 1% is, and has been in complete control of this country. I suppose the Democrats are the lesser of two evils. At any rate, it is imperative for the rest of us to utilize what little power we have: Our vote. It may not matter much, but sometimes we do have an impact. My greatest fear is that come 2016, we will become one nation under Ted Cruz, or whatever right wing nut the GOP decides to parade in front of us.


      • Sedate Me
        November 24, 2014 at 1:46 pm

        As a matter of principle, I refuse to speculate about 2016 until 2016. Endless speculation and horse race-ism is a big part of what’s wrong with American politics. It keeps issues from being discussed and only fattens the election industry’s pockets. How can something so incredibly profitable barely matter at all? (That said, I agree everyone should vote in every election based upon the “law of averages” concept.)

        But Ted Cruz….Did I apologize on behalf of my country for allowing Ted Cruz to ooze out of Alberta (aka Canada’s Texas) and be shipped via pipeline to actual Texas? If not, sorry -eh? (Us Canadians, we apologize for shit that ain’t even our fault.)

        Which reminds me…Perhaps you can answer a question that’s been puzzling me for a couple years. How the fuck can Cruz, being born in Alberta, run for President when Obama was “ineligible for office” because he was born in Kenya? I know Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship, but I was under the impression the only thing that mattered was where you were born. I’m not aware of any US military base in Alberta for him to be born in. (Although, I’m sure most Albertans would love one there. Most Albertans have wet dreams about joining America.)

        But while “President Cruz” scares the shit out of any thinking person, I’m not worried about him winning. Unless your brother is Governor of the most important state in the race and your father can take credit for several Supreme Court appointees, you can’t gerrymander Presidential elections. Cruz is a FAR tougher sell than Thurston Howell IV ever was. Even the American public isn’t THAT stupid…yet.

        But, as I said above, between then and now, more Republicans will die of old age. Unless the Republicans smarten up, the Oval office will be increasingly occupied by Democrats. And if the Democrats ever got just 10% of the 50% of eligible voters who never vote to vote, even Democratic candidate Charles Manson could take 10-20 states. I’d vote for him. I love his environmental policies. “If we could just kill off a billion or so people, the Earth would have a fighting chance.”

        What’s far more scary is a Bush The First kind of candidate; an experienced moderate who actually could get elected. His election would allow the Congressional crackpots in his party to get whatever they want.

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  3. November 26, 2014 at 9:52 am

    No need to apologize for Ted Cruz, just come get him 🙂 I’m not sure how Ted Cruz is eligible. As far as I know, one still has to be a natural born citizen of the U.S.A in order to be eligible for the office of President. I’ve read nor hear of anything changing there.

    You make a good point on speculation down the road, however it’s human nature to wonder what the future holds in store for us. I think trying to anticipate what’s going to happen down the political road is part of that. I try not to think about it, but I can’t help it. I do worry about what direction our country is headed toward, and speculation about our leadership two years down the road is a major component in that.


  4. Sedate Me
    November 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    “it’s human nature to wonder what the future holds in store for us. I think trying to anticipate what’s going to happen down the political road is part of that.”

    Yeah, but I think it’s pointless to speculate about 2016 (or any future election) because Spoiler Alert! : no matter who wins office in 2016, America is going full speed in one direction…down the shitter! The future is bleak for all but the 1% and it’s only getting worse. I’d say we’re entering an Orwellian nightmare, except that 1984 will soon look good by comparison. So what if Big Brother traded in his 70’s moustache for a pantsuit?

    So, don’t worry about what the future holds. We all know it’s only going to get worse until we die. So, as they say, “lay back, relax and maybe you’ll even enjoy it.” Oh, and don’t forget to carry an emergency container of anal lube wherever you go!


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