Great stuff from Masculinity U. I whole heartedly agree with his view point!

Masculinity U

By Joe Samalin, MasculinityU Contributor


(Read Part I of this piece here)

In continuation of my post yesterday, I want to share another very important reason we as (white) male feminists need to join this particular conversation from Zerlina Maxwell’s appearance on Fox News and how we can: the idea that women are somehow responsible for preventing rape against them.

This is just patriarchal bullshit.

Even this past weekend (Sunday, March 16, 2013) on Melissa Harris Perry’s TV show #nerdland I watched how the conversation was centering on rape prevention being the same as risk reduction. They are not. As many women have been saying for a long time: Prevention is different from risk reduction. Period.

While they are both key pieces of addressing violence, they are decidedly not the same thing. And yet they are purported by society to be just that. As a society, when it comes…

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