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Jodie Fosters Her Privacy While Coming Out at The Same Time.

While accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement, Jodie Foster came out of the closet. Although she didn’t come flying out with a rainbow banner, she certainly, albeit quietly opened it for everyone to peek into. In other words, it was a classic Jodie Foster moment: It was very public, and yet somehow very private. It was awesome.

Foster’s sexuality has been a topic of conversation for years. Many have accused her of living in a glass closet. While she has never, admitted to actually being queer, she hasn’t exactly hidden it either. Think about it: she was co-parenting two children with another woman, a woman that she was with for 20 years. Isn’t that admission enough? She has lived her life out in the open with no denial of her orientation,why would she have to broadcast her orientation to everyone? There’s no rule book to coming out, nor should there be! In fact why is there even a need to broadcast? Foster owes no one an explanation, or anything else for that matter.

The only person that Jodie Foster owes anything to is herself. She owes it to herself to live life on her terms, we all owe that to ourselves. She’s a private person, she’s happy with that, and I say good for her.

Tell us or don’t tell us, I don’t care, and neither should anyone else. Her orientation is part of who she is ,and who she chooses to share it with is really nobody’s business. She’s one of my favorite actresses, and she seems to be a wonderful person.

That’s good enough for me.

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