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The Lies That Binder: Romney Insults Women’s Intelligence Once Again.

Willard’s disregard for women was on display in full force last night. He tried to bully Candy Crowley ( to be fair, Obama did to some extent as well). He completely side stepped the issue of equal pay for women. He flat out lied about his “binders of women.” He disrespected single mothers by tying them into gun control and the decline of societal values: Where the fuck did you come up with that Willard? He even did the classic Willard flop on the issue of contraception! The point is that if elected, Willard and the rest of the American Taliban will set women’s rights back at least 100 years. Women have to ask themselves: Is this what I want? Leadership that would impose their own concept of Shari’a law over me?


  1. Sedate Me
    October 19, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Regarding that assault weapon ban re-institution question, both candidates couldn’t run faster and farther away if the woman was actually firing an AK47 at them.

    OBAMA: Educate them so they can get good jobs and don’t need to shoot people with military grade weapons.

    ROMNEY: Make sure all daddies & mommies are married and kids won’t grow up to shoot other people.


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