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Trayvon Martin Smoked Pot and Spray Painted Walls: Still Didn’t Deserve to Die.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

One month and a day after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, information continues to leak from both the Sanford police, and the high school that Trayvon attended. Stories are coming out that portray Trayvon as a pot smoking, graffiti spraying thug. The police are saying that George Zimmerman’s injuries that night are consistent with his claims that Trayvon Martin attacked him. Zimmerman told the police that Trayvon punched him in the nose, knocked him to the ground, and beat the back of his head against the sidewalk. The police report documents that Zimmerman had a bloodied nose, swollen lip, and contusion on the back of his head.

Some questions arise; what if this is all true? What if Trayvon confronted and attacked Zimmerman? Is it pertinent to the case that Trayvon was suspended from school for possession of a baggie with Marijuana residue. Does an earlier suspension for graffiti make him a thug deserving to be followed and shot?

The answer is no. Zimmerman had no idea who Trayvon was the night he decided to follow him, packing a 9MM pistol. He didn’t know about the weed, or the graffiti. All he saw was a black man wearing a hoodie, walking around at night. Trayvon was tried and convicted by George Zimmerman based on appearance, and appearance only.

Was Zimmerman attacked? Possibly, however, it’s quite possible that Zimmerman’s following of Trayvon scared the shit out of the teenager, and as a result Trayvon reacted out of self defense of his own safety. As a young black man out alone, what would you think if you were closely followed by someone in a vehicle? You either fight or run like hell, I’m guessing Trayvon decided to fight.

What’s important to remember is this: Zimmerman was told not to follow, to let the police do their job. He followed any way. He knowingly entered into a situation that could have, and did escalate into deadly violence. Why? Because it was a black man wearing a hoodie; a sure threat to Zimmerman, and the neighborhood that he was “protecting.”

This case reminds me to some extent of a jury trial that I sat on some years ago. A retired brick layer who was prosecuted for damn near gutting and killing another man was claiming self defense. The brick layer was sitting in a bar knocking back a few when the other man was thrown out for starting a fight in the bar. On his way out, the younger man, who was drunk off his ass, invited anyone in the bar to come outside to “get some if they wanted some.” Moments later, the bricklayer followed the drunk man outside, a rather large locking blade knife in his hand, a knife that he showed to be quite proficient with during the course of the trial. Of course, the younger, drunk and angry man confronted the brick layer, and as a result, the younger man was slit from his belly to his chest.

After a day of deliberation, the jury I was a part of decided from the testimony of the witnesses, that the brick layer knowingly entered that situation looking for a fight. He was convicted of assault, with intent to kill.

It’s obvious that Zimmerman entered into this situation under the same pretense as the brick layer. It was an opportunity to teach Trayvon a lesson for whatever crime Zimmerman perceived that he was about to commit. He was after all, a young black man wearing a hoodie, out after dark armed to the teeth with iced tea and Skittles.

At the most, Zimmerman should be prosecuted for committing a hate crime, at the least, he should be prosecuted for aggravated murder. Trayvon’s family deserves at the least that much justice.

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  1. March 28, 2012 at 1:33 am

    None of the things that are coming out about Trayvon will change the fact that Zimmerman was the aggressor.


    • March 28, 2012 at 8:30 am

      You got that right. Now I’m reading that Trayvon made a 911 call himself just before he was shot.


  2. MetalGoddess
    March 30, 2012 at 12:46 am

    What I feel Zimmerman’s fans are overlooking is the fact that Zimmerman had the gun, intentionally followed a stranger, and ultimately killed the stranger. They view Zimmerman as a hero because he had a gun. They view Martin as a thug and criminal because he did stupid shit that teenage boys do and he was black. What Zimmerman’s fans overlook is that Zimmerman had a gun and Martin only had his bare hands. It’s one thing to be back home with the boys playing wannabe Gangsta #1. It’s another thing to be out on your own in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night being followed by a total stranger. He had no idea why Zimmerman was following him. Zimmerman knew nothing of the kid’s issues at home. The kid may have been spooked. If some stranger is following you at night on foot, that person does not have good intentions. Period. You have a choice between fight and flight. The Stand Your Ground law should apply to all, even people who don’t have a gun. It should apply to them especially. I cannot and will not accept that someone who has a gun has a claim to self defense against someone who has no weapon at all. Being tall and skinny does not give a person an advantage over someone who is short and stout. And Zimmerman is no stranger to physical assault. He has a violent past. If Martin did indeed punch Zimmerman in the face, he might have discovered at that moment that Zimmerman had a gun. A stranger following you with a gun definitely has bad intentions. I too would start slamming someone’s head on the sidewalk upon discovering that person has a gun. If indeed Martin fought with Zimmerman. No one actually witnessed the whole event. People came out after the fact. We have someone who calls themselves “John” claiming to know the whole story but someone who hides behind a name that clearly is not theirs may just be a friend of Zimmerman’s trying to back him up. Only two people really know what happened that night and one of them is conveniently dead. I have no reason to believe Zimmerman’s version of events because he has a reason to be dishonest. He killed someone. I feel that the State District Attorney had no right to tell the police not to pursue this matter. The Stand Your Ground law does not protect someone who intentionally pursues another human being to provoke a confrontation and this was stated by one of the original sponsors of the bill. This man should be prosecuted for manslaughter. I saw the video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station and he definitely does not look like he is suffering from any injuries. Nor do his clothes look like they are in disarray. So I really have a hard time believing this man’s story. He seems to have an obsession with law and order, law enforcement officers, and authority. He was studying criminal justice because he wanted to be a law enforcement officer. He founded the neighborhood watch to be the neighborhood bully calling the police on everyone he could for anything from having a garage door open to a person’s kid playing in the street to black guys walking down the street. He probably got off on watching the police hassle the people he called them on. He has photos on his facebook that are pro law enforcement. One photo has some guy held down to the ground with a bunch of jackboots holding him down. One photo has a guy down on the ground with an assault rifle in his face. Clearly Zimmerman enjoys seeing people victimized by overly aggressive law enforcement personnel. Perhaps on the night of Feb 26, he wanted to play law enforcement and threaten a kid with a gun and watch him be frightened.


    • March 30, 2012 at 10:28 am

      All great points. Clearly, Zimmerman had a Dirty Harry complex. He was itching to make a name as some sort of vigilante hero.


  3. obots
    April 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Trayvon was a loser on the path to the big house. Z saved the taxpayer the trouble of a murder trial for the little punk ass bitch trayvon. Tray swung on the wrong guy and got smoked. Good riddance.


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