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The Lakota Nation is Mad as Hell, And it’s Not Going to Take it Anymore.

Map of the Republic of Lakota. The black area ...

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I am grass growing and the shearer of grass,

I am the willow and the splitter of laths,

weaver and the thing woven, marriage of willow and grass.

I am frost on the land and the land’s life,

breath and breast and the sharp rock underfoot;

in me the mountain lives, and the owl strikes,

and I in them. I am the sun’s twin,

mover of blood and the blood lost,

I am the deer and the deer’s death;

I am the burr in your conscience,

acknowledge me.

Ila Abernathy, Akwesasne Notes, 1976.


“We are no longer citizens of the United States. … We offer citizenship to anyone provided they renounce their U.S. citizenship.”
Russell Means
Lakota Freedom Delegation



On December 19th of 2011, Native American rights activist Russell Means made this bold  statement at a press conference in Washington D.C.  On that day, Means, along with other representatives of the Lakota delegation, delivered formal paperwork that nullified all treaties and other agreements with the United States. Why shouldn’t they? There has been 400 treaties negotiated between the federal government and Native Americans in this country, and the United States has violated every. single. one.

Since Christopher Columbus decided that the oppression of the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere would be a good thing, our relationship with the Native Americans has been a long story of murder, enslavement, relocation, assimilation, and broken promises. The Lakota Nation is but a small representation of our mistreatment of a proud race of people, but their recent action speaks volumes of the anger and resentment that bubbles near the surface of the original inhabitants of this country.

Currently in the Republic of Lakota, which covers parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota,  and Montana, the average life expectancy of a Lakota males is just under 44 years; 97 percent of the Lakota Nation lives under the poverty line. Their living conditions are deplorable, and it was out federal government that caused it. Who can blame them for wanting to lay claim to land that was theirs to begin with?

To the Republic of Lakota, I admire your courage, and I wish you luck. I hope you can recapture that dignity that we took from you over two centuries ago, after the Louisiana Purchase. To the federal government; it’s time to do the right thing and make reparations to a race of people who numbered in the millions before allowed these people to be over run .


Lakota Indians cancel treaties with U.S. gov’t.

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