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Ayn Rand and John Rawls Argue Over Planned Parenthood

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This is a debate I had to construct on social equality for my ethics class. I received a 100% on it. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while 😉

The scene: Ayn Rand and John Rawls are having dinner together at Rand’s favorite restaurant, The Locke Down. During dinner, the conversation turns to a debate over Planned Parenthood:

Rand: John, we have covered this several times over; the very notion of the government using public funds to bankroll a program that promotes irresponsible sexual behavior by those that would leech from society is a direct violation of Locke’s concept of the right to personal property. It is not in the working man’s personal interest to pay for abortion and sexual health; therefore the program should not be funded by the Federal government!
Rawls: Ayn, it is no secret that you have no sense of social equality or distributive justice. It is our moral imperative that society helps those who are on a socially uneven playing field. Have you not read Plato’s The Republic v? Socrates was on to something when he envisioned Kallipolis; in order to gain true universal equality, it is the logical responsibility of the community to ensure that the playing field is level for everyone.
Rand: No John, you’re wrong. It is each person’s responsibility to take care of themselves. What a person puts into life is what a person deserves to get out of life. It is morally repugnant to be forced to contribute to a program that so willingly offers to fix mistakes made by the dregs of society!
Rawls: Dregs? These are not dregs Ayn, these are people. These are people who the fortunate few of us have a responsibility to help. We as a society have a responsibility to educate and help those who are not as lucky as us. Planned Parenthood is just one of many health programs that are needed by these “dregs” in order to promote sexual health and in certain cases, provide a clean, safe environment for those who are incabable of raising children for whatever reason, to have an abortion. Would you rather that thousands of children suffer from from the rearing of say, parents who are hopelessly addicted to methamphetamines? Where is the justice in that?
Rand: Well you do have a point. I would rather these “people” that you stand up for terminate their children rather than perpetuate the sin of continuously draining money from those who rightfully earn it. The concept of welfare itself again violates our natural right to private property and should be illegal.
Rawls: That’s a conversation for another time Ayn; the check is here, and you’re picking up the tab this time.
Rand: Great, now I’m paying for your meals too? Where’s the justice in that?
  1. xgenx
    June 2, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Lame, really. “Have you not read Plato’s The Republic v?” Someone is actually using Plato’s republic for a prescription of government?


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