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And The Winner Of Pick Your Topic Tuesday Is

MSUM Women's Studies

The Arbourist, from the blog Dead Wild Roses. His question this week concern’s women’s sexual consent; does it truly exist in a patriarchal society? The question he poses arises from this blog post that he came across, which claims that true consent can never exist as long as patriarchy is in place. It’s a very interesting topic to consider, as well as a very tricky road to maneuver,which is why I ‘m adding a twist: a guest blogger .  My partner, Michelle Beltano Curtis from the blog Carving Out a Voice, is going to bring her Women’s Studies, feminist expertise to this gender relations round table. Although I consider myself quite feminist, it just doesn’t seem right to me to extricate on whether or not women’s sexual consent truly exists; particularly since I have a penis. However, I will say that Michelle and I are on the same page on this issue, but you’ll have to wait for the post to find out which side that is 😉

Although Michelle is writing this week’s post, I will do the usual introductions, featuring credit to The Arbourist for suggesting the topic, as well as telling you a little about Dead Wild Roses. The post will be up no later than Friday evening, and will feature the usual Tin Foil trimmings.

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions; I hope to see you back here next Tuesday!


  1. August 4, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Woo 😉 It’s a tough and contentious topic, good luck.


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