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Democrats Propose Stimulus Package For Flacid Job Market.

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, of Illinois.

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The top two Democrats in the senate, Harry Reid and Richard Durbin, have proposed to VP Joe Biden that an economic stimulus package be included in any deficit reduction talks. Although Durbin acknowledged that deficit reduction was important, he stated that congress should “Get the recovery right before you get in this deficit spending mode… Get people back to work. Let’s start moving in that direction.”

The last stimulus package was in 2009, to the tune of $814 billion dollars, and was roundly criticized by Republicans as wasteful. The new package would include funds for new infrastructure spending, renewing payroll tax cuts, and support for clean energy jobs.

It’s a good thought, but it will never make it out of the House. There is no way in hell house Republicans are going to agree to include this in their deficit reduction bill. Then again, there is no way in hell the deficit bill is going to make through the Senate as is.

This proposed stimulus plan might be a way for Democrats to get what they want. Think about it: they could pull one out of the Republican play book and virtually hold the deficit reduction proposal hostage. The Republicans could either A) include the stimulus package, and remove only the cuts that affect core programs, or B) Not only remove cuts to core programs, but also remove tax cuts and subsidies for the Republican’s favorite charities such as big oil and the military. In return, stimulus talks are tabled for now. Either way it would be a huge win for the Democrats.

I’m betting none of the above happens. Even though the Republican Party is greatly tarnished and without competent leadership, the fact is that there are very few Democrats with enough balls to do what it takes. This stimulus proposal will quietly go away, the way a tiny mouse skitters along the baseboards toward it’s safe little home inside the wall.


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