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Glenn Beck Thinks That He Can Front When Revelation Comes!

So What’cha Want?

 You’re So Funny With The Money That You Flaunt.

Where’d You Get Your Information From?

         You Think That You Can Front When Revelation comes?

                                                              From the Beastie Boys: So What’cha Want?

Glenn Beck is pissed at MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell. Ordinarily I don’t comment too much on Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. Frankly, I think all the face time they receive in the media and blogosphere gives them a feeling of legitimacy, and only encourages them to become even more outrageous with their inflammatory comments. 

However, I do make exceptions, and today would be one of those times. On two separate occasions, Beck has launched into a tirade about O’Donnell’s comments concerning the Book of Revelations. O’Donnell stated that the Bible is “a book of fiction” and that “no sane person” takes the Bible completely literally. In other words, O’Donnell is confirming my beliefs that he is a highly intelligent person. 

Apparently the prophet Beck has taken umbrage with O’Donnell’s comments. On his radio show from Monday, Reverend Beck had this to say; “There’s a whole network that seems to be the anti-God network being set up,” he said. “They are preaching that no intelligent person believes in the Book of Revelation. I will tell you that I know a lot of intelligent people who believe deeply in the Book of Revelation.” 

What Beck was saying is that not only is MSNBC full of bleeding heart libtards out to undermine the “Umerican way,” MSNBC is also full of evil, devil worshipping atheist. It gets better, Beck further went on to say this about Revelations: “The world is about to be plunged into complete and utter darkness and despair.” “Quite honestly, famine will follow.”  I guess god must be a regular listener to Beck, as well as an oft time caller to the show. How else would the Beckatollah get such privileged inside information? It’s a good thing I’m a born again athiest, otherwise I would be scared shitless!

I think Beck just may be the scariest of the conservative talk show personalities. His rants are borderline psychotic; when he talks of himself fulfilling a higher purpose, he is confirming to a lot of the public that he belongs in a rubber room. When conservatives complain that liberals are generalizing about the conservative movement to restrict our civil liberties and turn America into a police state, we need only to point at Glenn Beck. He is one of the faces of the uber right wing wackos who are at the fore front of the seditious hate rhetoric that has become pervasive in our social and political culture. 

Mr. Beck you are an extremist christian conservative lunatic, and you need to be lead away from your microphone in a straight jacket, you bible thumping fascist twit.

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