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The NFL Players and Owners Can Kiss my Ass!

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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As football addicts, Ms TFH and I have been following the NFL labor negations fairly close. We have been trying to get our football fix with Arena Football and pretty soon Women’s Professional Football. Both are highly enjoyable, affordable means to feed our football addictions. In the meantime, what about the failed negotiations, ensuing lock out, antitrust suits, and the very real possibility that there will not be a 2011 season?  In my opinion, both sides can go pound salt.

The labor negotiations that are going on here is akin to a financial argument between Republicans and Tea Baggers; it’s a battle between the haves and the haves. Owners make billions from ticket sales, concessions, parking, merchandise sales etc, while the tax payers foot the bill for their stadiums. On the other hand, the players, while not doing as well as the owners, still make out like bandits. The lowest paid players in the NFL make $320 thousand a year, while the elite are mega millionaires. Here in Boehnerville, Bengals quarterback Carson “pick six” Palmer is threatening to retire if he isn’t traded. What is his financial situation? He claims that he has $80 million in the bank. I repeat, 80 fucking million dollars. Something is incredibly wrong with this picture folks.

Personally, though I dearly love the game of football, I’m not going to suffer if they never come back. In Hamilton County where I live, the budget deficit may actually be erased if there was no NFL. The county would recoup millions spent yearly on stadium upkeep, and would not have to increase taxes to stay afloat, on those who can least afford it, which would be people like me and you. If the owners and the players truly wanted to do the right thing, they should stop worrying about who gets a bigger piece of the pie and start concerning themselves with the fans and the people who work in and around the stadium. Whatever the difference in revenue sharing that is holding back an agreement should be directed toward making games more affordable and raising the wages of those who work in the stadiums. Until they can do that, I propose that it’s the fans that should go on strike. Stop going to the games, stop buying merchandise, stop all means of enabling. Maybe then the NFL will get the idea that none of us feel a bit sorry for either side.

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