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It’s Time to do The Right Thing in Libya; Even if it’s For The Wrong Reason.

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The Philippines











What do these countries have in common? At some point in our history the United States has sent troops into these countries to fight. All of them for trumped up reasons under the guise of protecting Democracy. Now look at this list. 





These countries are nations who could have used the help of our troops during some of the bloodiest periods of world history. I could spend even more hours doing research and probably increase both lists exponentially but for now, these will prove my point. In the first list our economic interests were first and foremost, not protecting human rights, democracy, or our own soil. Except for Grenada, that was little more than an ego boost to our country while we were still reeling from our losses in Vietnam, and the hostage situation in Iran. 

Rwanda, Uganda, Serbia and Croatia are countries in which we had little to no financial interests. We allowed genocide to go on for years and did nothing. There was no money in helping them, or other countries like them. This brings me to Libya. 

Libya is a country that believe it or not, the U.S., England, and Italy have enormous financial stakes. After 2003, Kaddafi bought his way into the western world’s good graces by opening his oil fields and banks to western corporations such as BP. Everyone involved made billions, including Kaddafi. By 2009 BP was invested to the tune of 900 million dollars, while Italy was buying 80% of Libyan oil. The U.S. was making huge profits through investing in the production of Libyan oil and selling military equipment to the North African mad man that is Colonel Kaddafi. Ostensibly, Kaddafi willingly served as a  lifeline to Bush in monitoring Al-Qeada in North Africa, the very group that he harbored in Libya for decades.

Even President Obama got into the act after his election; before the Libyan shit hit the fan, Obama had in his budget a total of $77 million dollars worth of troop transports to send to the military in Libya. I repeat, $77 million dollars! What. The. Fuck. 

This is where the shade of grey enters however; with the attempted coup in Libya comes violence and suffering. Kaddafi will not back down, and neither will the rebels. Kaddafi is killing his own people in his desperate attempt to remain in power. Meanwhile the rebels are standing firm and even control most of the oil fields in addition to the oil port of Benghazi. Aid and arms are coming through the Egyptian border while the violence escalates daily. It is reported that the U.S. is sending arms to the rebels through Saudi Arabia while Egypt is sending military advisors. We are definitely getting involved, but should we? 

Ordinarily I say no, I loathe the fact that we routinely meddle in foreign affairs under the guise of protecting human rights. Let’s not bullshit anybody, we interfere across the globe on behalf of the American dollar. No more, no less. In this case though, I wouldn’t have a problem with us interceding, no matter what the alibi. Kaddafi is crazy and a murderer; over the last 40 years he has promoted terrorism, killed Americans (remember Lockerbie Scotland?), and butchered his own people. He must be stopped. It’s past time to stop propping up Kaddafi. We should have never entertained that notion in the first place!  Military intervention under the guise of protecting human rights may be a good thing, even though we know it’s all about the oil.

Some times, doing the right thing for the wrong reason is not a bad thing. Unless we want to add Libya to the list of countries that we should have helped, now would be a good time to interfere.

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