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Wisconsin Democrat Threatens Republican With “You’re F*cking Dead!”

As the few readers of this blog may know something that I hate more than fanatical christian conservatives and greedy fat cat republicans is violence in any way, shape, or form. Among all the peaceful, heroic protesting in Wisconsin comes some deeply disturbing news: Democratic state Rep. Gordon Hintz egregiously threatened Republican colleague Michelle Litjens after the budget vote by telling her “You are fucking dead.” I have issues with this on many levels. 

 I detest violence; to wage an assault on anyone either verbally or physically is abhorrent behavior, and should not be tolerated. Hintz’ words are as reprehensible as the right to lifer’s words and actions against abortion doctors or their patients. His words are as culpable as Sarah Palin’s posting of gun sights on the districts of Democratic lawmakers across the country. While his words are not on the level as crazed political Jared Loughner, who was responsible for the January shootings in Tucson, they are every bit as disturbing to me. To me, his threats are as violent as the hate rhetoric that froths from the mouths of tea party terrorists, who bring threats to our president along with their automatic weapons to political rallies. His words are as detestable as those that come from fringe groups, who threaten the safety of people based on their skin color, political and religious ideology, gender, and sexual orientation.   

Gordon Hintz words, along with being severely objectionable, are also illegal. What he said to his Republican peer fits the legal definition of assault, pure and simple. I wouldn’t blame, in fact I would encourage Rep Litjens to prosecute Rep Hintz to the fullest extent of the law. It’s not only her right, it’s her duty. If she were to remain silent on this, like the countless women who are beaten by their husbands, or raped by power hungry psychopaths, she is doing nothing but encouraging her abuser to come further unhinged. I don’t care how this is spun; Hintz broke the law and should be punished. 

Another issue that I have with this is that while over 100,000 people are peacefully protesting in Madison, inside the capital building walls Hintz is undermining what everyone is trying to accomplish; the dismissal of an unjust bill taking away state worker’s rights to collectively bargain. His threat also undermines a national effort to eliminate the hate rhetoric that has become so pervasive in the radical right’s ideology. I can assure you that every right wing pundit will eagerly crow about Gordon Hintz for months to come. As liberals, it is our responsibility to set the example of civility, not give conservatives more ammunition against us! 

This is 2011, not 1811 when political foes could challenge each other to duels on the white house lawn. I don’t care how he meant his threat, or from what circumstances it came from. The threat was vile, and should be dealt with accordingly.  

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