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Images of Democracy in Action: More Pictures of the Fight Against SB5

As many of you may know, my partner and I rode up to Columbus this past Tuesday to witness and participate in the fight to ban Ohio Senate Bill 5. If passed this bill will effectively eliminate state employees rights to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. While we were there protesting I managed to get several pictures of the demonstration as well as some video. Since I seem to have a penchant to record my own feet in many of the clips, my partner was kind enough to edit them and post the highlights here on You Tube. If anyone is interested in viewing the many still images we captured, the pictures can be viewed here on Flickr.

I don’t claim to be the world’s best photographer, or even a good one. However I think you’ll come across some inspiring pictures of an inspired crowd. These images are Democracy in action. There were over 10,000 people braving 20 degree weather as well as an indifferent tyrant in the form of Governor Kasich, to collectively use their right to free speech. I can not express enough how honored I was to be part of the process. We will be back in Columbus on Saturday to join the march to protest the proposed annihilation of Planned Parenthood by the Rekochlican party. Afterward we plan on trekking back to the state house to join in with the protesters against SB5. Hopefully it will be another wonderful turn out. Our voices do matter people: It has been reported in many media outlets that many Republicans are hedging their bets on their attack against labor. Keep up the good work everyone! This week is one of those moments when I am truly proud to be an American. Those moments have been few and far between over the last decade.

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