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Patriots Act:Thousands Unite in Columbus to Protest Senate Bill 5.

10,000 patriots showed up in Columbus Ohio on Tuesday to fight the tyranny of evil. Our weapon was more powerful than any gun made; our weapon of choice was our voices. Some were allowed inside the state building to fight, most were strategically locked outside in 20 degree weather. I called Gov. Kasich’s office to find out why we were locked out of our own building, but couldn’t get a straight answer.We kept warm with the solidarity of our vehement opposition to an egregious attempt to strip state workers of their right to collective bargaining.  There were teachers and students,  firefighters and police, teamsters and steel workers. There were drivers blaring their horns in their cars as they drove by.

We screamed, we chanted, we sang. We listened as former Governor Ted Strickland stood before us and lambasted current Governor John Kasich and the Republican Party for their hatred of the working class, as well as their love of corporate money. A college student spoke, angry about the fact that he was going into heavy debt to get his education, and that he may not get what he paid for if teachers are stripped of their rights and respect.  

Senate Bill 5 is currently undergoing hearings in the capital and awaiting a vote. The bill’s main purpose is to bust the union for state employees. The bill will effectively strip them of their right to collectively bargain. If that right is taken away, state employees will be essentially be at the mercy of state government. Once that union is busted, private unions will certainly be next. What’s the reasoning? Why it’s a state budget emergency of course. I call bullshit. It’s nothing more than another attempt of the Rethuglicans to step a little harder on the necks of the poor and middle class. The Republicans are trying to eliminate the Democrats power base by taking away the unions who contribute to Demcoratic campaigns. Republicans are also passing measures to  make it harder to register new voters. A majority of new voters registered  traditionally vote Democrat. It is a conservative priority to make our country one nation under the Koch brothers.

Ohioans, just like the thousands in Wisconsin and Indiana, are not going to stand for this. We aren’t the only states to deliver this message. Protesters are gathering in state capitals across the country to stand in solidarity with us, and to tell their lawmakers that they will not tolerate this injustice. The message is clear: Republicans can try to force feed us their nefarious agendas, but we the people are not going to swallow. We are going to spit it back in your ugly greedy faces, and when the time comes to speak with our votes, your asses are gone. It was an honor and a privilege to stand on the steps of the state building and be a part of democracy in action. In the next few days you can bet the number of people fighting here will grow by the tens of thousands, just like in Madison. You can bet your ass that my partner and I will be there again to take part and bear witness to this glorious revolution.


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