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Ice Age Britons Reveal Conservative’s Eating Habits

“Ice age Britons drank from human skulls and may even have eaten flesh and bone marrow”  It would not surprise me in the least to find out that this is common practice among the tea bagger terrorist and christian conservative zealots. They routinely threaten and enact violence against those who oppose them; who’s to say they aren’t already eating the flesh of their fallen adversaries and drinking from their skulls?  In fact, here’s a disturbing recipe I came across in The Neo-Conservative Cook Book

                        Palin Gumbo

One table spoon of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

A quarter cup of blood taken from murdered abortion doctors.

Two cups of beaten down state and federal employees.

One half cup of conservatives who do not lean far enough to the right.

The flayed skin of teachers who are bold enough to teach the truth, instead of creationism.

One stick of conservationists who dare to speak out about global warming.

One whole cup of LGBT rights activists.

Two table spoons of women’s rights advocates.

One cup of liberals who oppose tax breaks for large corporations. 

Boil for two hours in a huge pot of sedition and serve warm in the skull of POTUS.

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