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How Much Would You Pay For a Spare Engine? John Boehner is Willing to Pay $3 Billion.


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Would you pay thousands of dollars for the luxury of having a back-up engine in your car? I wouldn’t either. John Boehner and company would; in fact most Republicans are trying to include $450 million in this year’s budget to pay for an extra engine in the F-35 fighter jet, the most expensive military jet built to date. Here’s the clincher; the military doesn’t even want the extra engine that could cost almost $3 billion dollars over the next few years! 

 Even though the Air Force is telling congress that they do not need a back-up engine in their jets, Boehner and company are insisting on continuing to allocate funds for it. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact the many of the parts for the GE-Rolls Royce engine are made in Ohio, which is Boehner’s home state. Better yet, a lot of the parts are manufactured in south west Ohio where Boehner’s home town and district lies.  Hmmmmmm, special interest much John? 

The Republican sponsored budget looks to trim up to $61 billion dollars from domestic programs. The bitch of it is that most of the cuts come from the budgets of the EPA, the FDA, food programs for pregnant and single mothers, along with many other programs that encompass education, science, and the arts. In other words, while this jet is flying around with another engine it will never use, the public will be stuck with air we can’t breathe, water we can’t drink, and food that isn’t safe to eat. Of course with more cuts to science , education, and food programs, many of us will be too oblivious or malnourished to realize just how fucked we’ll be. 

If Boehner and his cronies want to trim unwanted fat from the budget, they should start with themselves. We could use their bloated salaries and the graft they take in from special interest groups to pay for this engine that the armed forces doesn’t need or want.

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