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And Iran, Iran so Far Away: Israel May Not Get Away.

It appears that the stone of unrest that was thrown into the pond of tyranny in Tunisia has caused more than just a ripple in the political waters of the Middle East, North Africa and Persia. Following in the foot steps of Tunisia and Egypt, protests and violence have now ensued in Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, and yes, Iran. It is estimated that 20 to 30 thousand people have taken to the streets of Tehran to protest against the regime and call for change. The level of protests has gotten serious enough that the Ayatollah has called out the Republican Guard to elevate the level of violence disburse the protestors. If Tunisia and Egypt caused ripples, Iran has the possiblity of creating a tidal wave that could affect not only the Middle East, but possibly spread into Asia as well.

I’m not sure how all this is going to play out, but I’m sure that Israel is watching the political unrest that surrounds its borders and is shitting its pants. They have already lost their Egyptian BFF, Hosni Mubarak. As each government begins to topple, Israel faces the uncertainty of who will take over these countries and how the Israelis will be viewed from each new government’s perspective. Is it better for them to continue to deal with known challenges or watch this play out around them and reach out to each newly formed government in an effort to forge a new peace? 

It would be a good start for Israel if they were to completely pull out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Although there is a new cooperation between Palestine forces and the Israeli military there, it seems to me that pulling out of the West Bank and Gaza would go a long way toward building new alliances, and stabilizing an increasingly volatile situation in the region. While the focus right now may be political change in individual countries, it won’t be long until the cross hairs of resentment are focused back on the Israeli nation. If the Israelis don’t adapt and make concessions, it will be business as usual if and when stability returns, and Israel will continue to be perceived as an intruder propped up by the United States.

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