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After Further Review: It Was a Pretty Damn Good Super Bowl.

Some thoughts I had from last night’s Super Bowl while I was drowning my sorrows with veggie lover’s pizza and chocolate dipping sticks: 

My partner bought me a Steelers jersey for our 5 year anniversary; that’s how much we love football.

I hate being right. The score was higher than I anticipated, but Green Bay got there pretty much the way I expected.

  • It was a great game, but not one of the best. Steelers vs Cardinals was the best.
  • This really was a match up of the two best teams. Nice to see that in a championship game. Are you paying attention BCS?
  • The commercials sucked. No exception.
  • If the Steelers get that running game going earlier, it’s a different outcome.
  • Steelers O-line played fairly well. Doug Legursky filled in admirably, but he’s no Maurkice Pouncey.
  • Aaron Rodgers is an absolute artist. He is a joy to watch.
  • Ben Roethlisberger is as tough as they come. He could play in any era.
  • You don’t free lance defensively against Green Bay. Polamalu was out of position most of the night and Rodgers made the Steelers pay for it.
  • Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to A-Rod was kind of creepy.
  • You don’t run the ball out of the end zone on kick returns. Period. You either get buried inside the 20 or a penalty nullifies the return. The Steelers were guilty of this all night.
  • Clay Mathews is a beast. His hit on Mendenhall to force a fumble in the fourth quarter was the game changer. Without it, Pittsburgh probably scores and keeps momentum.
  • Pittsburgh needs better corners. That was painfully evident last night as Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings made big catch after big catch.
  • John Starks can do more than run the ball. He consistently picked up blitzes and deserved a lot of the credit for Rodgers mostly having time to throw the ball.
  • Green Bay’s offensive line made Harrison and Woodley non factors. The Packers quick passing game didn’t help matters either.
  • I hate Super Bowl half time shows; this year was no exception. WTF was Will I. Am wearing? He looked like Mike Tomlin in a Bobby Brown costume.
  • I thought for sure with two minutes left Big Ben and company take it down the field. That’s what they do.
  • The Steelers never panic and they never give up. I admire that a lot.
  • Both teams had a lot of key players out due to injury. When they come back next season (hopefully there is one) either team is going to be hard to keep out of the next Super Bowl.
  • Both teams are class acts. Tomlin in particular stood out in that department.
  • I’ll bet that giant bag of douche Roger Goodell was relieved to hand the trophy over to the Packers instead of the Steelers.
  • If I’m the Steelers, I draft nothing but defensive backs and offensive lineman this April. Taking Mike Pouncey from Florida in the first round would be a good start.
  • I already miss football. A lock out would break my heart.
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