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The Sky is Not Falling: We Just Can’t Breathe Any of it.

Graph showing ecological footprints of nations...

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Here is more proof that our environment is fucked up. Two droughts in the last five years in the Amazon Basin have affected the rain forest’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Normally the world’s largest carbon absorber, the rain forest has been drastically reduced or weakened because of the droughts, which are linked to the rapidly warming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact the rain forest actually became the world’s largest carbon emitter; over 8 billion tons of carbon emission was registered in 2010 from the Amazon Basin. This volume of carbon disbursed into the atmosphere last year was more than Russia and China combined! 

I’m going to keep beating this environmental drum until people actually listen. Our planet is in bad shape, and only a handful of people seem to realize it. We are not going through another cyclical process; to think that our drastic weather patterns are due to anything but global warming is sheer insanity. We basically have two options: we can finally be pro-active and take extreme measures to reduce our ecological footprint, or we can just keep doing what we’re doing. If we take the second option, we can expect Mother Earth to purge herself real soon. When that happens we won’t have to worry about the environment any longer. Why? Because we’ll all be extinct, just like the thousands of species that we’ve killed off over the centuries in order to make a dollar.

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