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Is This Going to be The Best Super Bowl Ever? Steelers vs. Packers.

Aaron Rodgers

Image by elviskennedy via Flickr

The Super Bowl this weekend promises to be an exciting match up, but who’s going to win? Green Bay features Aaron Rodgers and a precision passing game that puts a lot of points on the board while killing the clock. The Packers also have a stifling defense that stops the run and puts pressure on the other teams quarterback, often forcing him into mistakes.

Pittsburgh’s key strength is their #1 defense. This year’s version of the Steel Curtain virtually mirrors Green Bay. They stop the run better than everyone else, pressure the quarterback and do not give up the big play. The offense is troublesome however: key injuries to the offensive line have limited the offense and center Maurkice Pouncey’s high ankle sprain is going to be a serious problem if he can’t play or his mobility is limited. 

How is this game going to play out? The key is how well the Steelers’ offense plays. They are going to have to run the ball effectively, stay in short yardage situations and keep Rodgers off the field. If they can do that and if the defense can hold Green Bay to field goals instead of touchdowns, the Steelers win. 

For Green Bay, the defense is the key. Clay Matthews and company will look to take advantage of the Steelers weakened offensive line and get to Large Benjamin. Getting to him isn’t enough though. Their going to have to get him to the ground, otherwise Roethlisberger will move around enough to exploit the aggressive Green Bay secondary and make some big plays happen. When Green Bay has the ball they are going to have to run the ball just enough to keep Woodley and Harrison out of the back field, while Rodgers needs to convert long drives into touchdowns. If they do this, the Packers win. 

My prediction?  My heart says the Steelers, my head says Green Bay. Look for Green Bay to shut down the Steelers rushing attack and consistently put Roethlisberger on his broad backside. Rodgers continues his high level of play and puts points on the board while running off huge chunks of time. 

Green Bay 20- Pittsburgh 10. I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

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