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The Crisis in Egypt Goes From Bad to Worse.

Just when things seemed to calm down in Egypt somewhat, the North African shit hits the fan again. Thousands of Mubarak thugs supporters took to the streets and violently confronted the anti-government protesters as the Egyptian military ran for cover looked on. Mubarak has promised to step down when his term ends in 7 months, and has declared that there will be reforms made in the election process in order to ensure that there will be a peaceful transition to the new government. I don’t think Egypt has that kind of time.

Mubarak needs to begin the election process and get the hell out of the way fast. If it doesn’t happen soon, there won’t be an Egypt left to govern. As for U.S. involvement? It would be best for us to stay out of this fight, and offer to help pick up the pieces regardless of who’s in power. We can’t afford to choose sides and potentially piss off the next in charge. Remember Iran? We’re still feeling the repercussions of backing the lame horse that was the Shah of Iran over 30 years later.

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