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Woman Raped a 1-Year-Old for Her Boyfriend’s Pleasure.

24 year old Inez Lambert decided she was going to do something special for her boyfriend stationed in Afghanistan. She decided that it would be a romantic treat for Staff Sgt. Corey H. McAdoo to rape a one year old child over Skype for McAdoo to enjoy.  She  also decided to preserve their vile moment together by video taping the session, and mailing the tape to him.

This makes me want to heave my raisin bran and coffee all over my desk. Rape is a crime in which the violence is secondary only to murder.  To commit rape on a 1 year old child, or anyone else for that matter, is sickening. It also makes me wonder what these two twisted fucks did before he was deployed.  My thoughts are with the parents and the child today; I can only imagine the intense pain the parents are going through. I further hope that the poor child will grow up to have no memory of this heinous act. As for Lambert and McAdoo? I hope they prosecute your sexual predator asses to the fullest extent of the law.  You can both rot in prison for a long time. I can only wish there is a hell so that you can rot there too.

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