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Former Chicago Cop Convicted of Lying About His Role in Torture Ring.


Meet Jon Burge: A former Chicago cop who was convicted for lying about his role in overseeing the torture of  100 African Americans. His sentence? Four and a half years in prison. Is it me, or does anyone else think this sentence is a complete sham? Racism is alive and well and residing in President Obama’s home state of Illinois. Actually it resides everywhere, and this news only serves to polarize the fact that there are still occurrences of cruel, bigoted barbarity every place we look. 

In my opinion, the atrocities this man and his cronies committed deserve more than a four and a half year sentence. It would be an ironic twist of justice however if he were to serve his time in the general population of whatever prison he goes too. I’m sure the African American inmates would come up with some way of dealing with him. I’m not holding much hope for that though. I’m sure he will spend his time in prison in some sort of protective isolation from the rest of the population. I can only hope his time is spent thinking about the men whose lives he ruined and the families who were left to put the pieces back together. Maybe he’ll feel compelled to atone in some way for his actions. I’m not holding my breath for that as well.

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