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Are ya Ready For Some Political Football? Tonight’s State of The Union Address.

President Barack Obama delivers the 2010 State...

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President Obama will address the nation tonight in the annual State of the Union address. Are you watching? Do you care? It will be interesting to see of Obama delivers the same tough  rhetoric now that the Republicans have control over the house. I would think that it’s obvious he won’t. Tonight’s speech promises to focus on the economy, reducing the national debt, and education reform. There will also come a call for national unity as well as a greater effort for bipartisan cooperation. 

In an effort to display this renewed call for collaboration, Democrats and Republicans will be sitting side by side, rather than sit apart in their own party cliques. In my opinion this is a superficial effort; it reminds me of fourth grade when boys and girls had to sit together on the bus for the school field trip. In theory it may be a good idea to get everyone interacting, but in practice neither side is cool with doing it. 

What will be interesting is watching tanorexic speaker of the house John Boehner; if he can tear himself away from his circle jerk sessions with Mitch McConnell long enough to make an appearance that is. I’m sure he’ll be sitting behind Obama looking like he just ate a crap sandwich, tearfully reflecting upon how he and his gang rose up from the ashes to stem the tide of socialist Obama care and right the wrongs inflicted by those who choose to make decisions with their brains, not their balls or bloated wallets.    

Tonight’s speech will more than likely be about the appearance of unity and less about substance. Does that sound familiar? Sounds like every other State of the Union address to me. If I watch, I think I’m going to try to make it less like the intolerable Spiderman musical on Broadway. Perhaps a drinking game? Maybe I’ll do a shot of Tequila every time Boehner rolls his eyes, or better yet; I’ll do a shot for every camera shot of Michelle Obama lovingly clinging to every word her husband projects. Either way I’ll probably be ten shots down before it’s half over.

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